Use Of Team Charter To Improve Performance

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How I Will Use Team charter to Improve Performance

Fatorma Bolley

August 13, 2009

Mgt 521 - Management

Professor: Dr. Homer Jamasbi

University of Phoenix at Philadelphia

How I Will Use Team charter to Improve Performance

The team charter serves many important purposes. The team charter is a brief document used to define the mission and objectives of a team. It is a clarifying and gaining consensus on roles and responsibilities of a product team.1 Paramount among those are that it serves as guidance and road map leading to team members improved productivity and the likely hood of a successful team outcome. To accomplish these goals, the team charter as ...view middle of the document...

A learning team charter helps team members to leave no stone unturned in implementing projects. To put it team simply, Teams with charters are making sure that it has its T’s crossed and it’s I’s doted. The team charter is like a check and balance system that provides for self evaluation to ensure better out comes at future and or succeeding projects.

How Your Contribution to Team Charter Building Enhances Your Individual Performance
In this background, I can use team charter to improve my personal performance as an individual. “When you invest your time and efforts to a team charter, you are placing the team on a road map for success. You will also be providing a high value structure to help individual team members be less frustrated and more productive”.2

A team charter is an important mechanism for clarifying and gaining consensus on the role and responsibilities of a product team. It makes team members share common identity, common goals and objectives, common leaderships, successes and failures, cooperate and collaborates on issues.

By being involved in deliberations to draw up a team charter is quite challenging and educational. It is a unique experience. The exercise itself enhances the individual’s performance in so many ways. It provides you the opportunity to compare you personality insight, attitude, motivation, decision making skills, communication skills, power and conflict resolution skills, and career goals with others. It does not only make you understand and identify who you are when it comes to these dimensions, but make you will know where others stand too on these dimension too. Thus contributes to your decision making process that will target group goals and objective. It does also help you avoid unnecessary conflicts and other factors that may impede group progress.

The disclosures and the deliberations processes on...

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