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Use Of Statistical Information Essay

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Uses of Statistical Information
Donna Ballard, RN
University of Phoenix
Betty Jones, RN
July 7, 2015

Statistics is defined as “the science of collecting, organizing, and interpreting data” (Bennett, Briggs, & Triola, 2009). Statistics can be utilized in many ways within an organization such as acute care also referred to as hospitals. Each facility has a specific department identified as infection prevention or infection control. Infection control/prevention uses research and statistics to facilitate standardized care by implementing best practice measures through evidenced based practice. “Statistical information that is gathered is then used to help compare ...view middle of the document...

CLABSI and CAUTI are reported monthly to senior leadership. If an increase in the rate of infection is noted then specific interventions are implemented to reduce the rates and assists with identification of problem areas. Staff as well as patient education, possible increasing the monitoring of hand hygiene compliance and isolation review are just a few interventions utilized to specifically identify problem areas.

The term descriptive statistics is given to analysis of data which helps to describe, show, or summarize data in the meaningful way so that patterns may emerge from the data making it easier to visualize the information (Lund Research, 2013).
Two types of statistics which are used to describe data are measures of central tendency and measures of spread. Measures of central tendency are a way of describing the central position of a frequency distribution for a collection of data (Lund Research, 2013). The measures of spread are a way to summarize a group of data by describing how the spread out of the scores are (Lund Research, 2013). In collecting data for CLABSI or CAUTI, descriptive statistics information may be narrowed down into type of infection, such as Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, (MRSA) or Hospital Acquired Infection, (HAI). Identification of results of the number of infections that may have been present in various units in a particular time frame can then be presented in a visual display.
Bennett, Briggs, & Triola (2009) describe inferential statistics as dealing with inferring (or estimating) population parameters from sample data. Inferential statistics is a technique which allows the use of a population to make a generalization about the population from which the sample had been drawn (Lund Research, 2013). An example of inferential statistics within Sierra View Medical Center would be through patient satisfaction surveys as well as surveying the employees. This would provide data from numerous individuals and would represent the population as a whole. The results of this data would provide senior leadership a foundation to make a recommendation based upon the descriptive data.
Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio are the four levels of measurement which are used in statistics. The nominal level of measurement is pieces of information that consists of name, labels, or categories and involves no ranking or ordering of data (Bennett, Briggs, & Triola, 2009). An example of this data would be use of medical record or account number as a form of patient identification. The data displayed id in no particular order and is completely random (Bennett, Briggs, & Triola, 2009). The ordinal level of measurement represents...

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