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Use Of Social Media In Job Searches

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For the completion of this assignment I chose the following two topics: COM106 The need to use social media in a job search, and PSY180 Benefits of sports in the lives of children.
For the COM106 topic, the need to use social media in a job search, I will need to locate three sources that will aid in a response to a fellow student who is arguing for the need of social media in job searches. Since the purpose of the investigation is locating information to respond to a post that is already made I would research from three different angles. The first search will be meant to locate information in support of the fellow student, the second will be to identify information on how the student’s ...view middle of the document...

The first step is to spread the word on social media that you are looking for a job. Whether on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter, let your friends and followers know that you’re looking for a job. Even better, tell them what type of job you’re looking for. They may not know of any openings right now, but if they know you’re available, they’ll think of you when a position opens up. That will help you hear about openings before they’re listed on popular job boards. (Grant, 2010) Other helpful tips from the site included hyperlinking your resume on all of your social media accounts, but setting them to private so that prospective employers cannot discover information they are not legally allowed to investigate without your permission. The slideshow also encouraged users to complete a Linked-in account and fully entering the information placing Google on your side by giving you high exposure in search results when potential employers search your name. For the neutral response I located a page from Columbia’s website that is essentially a how-to guide for using social media to find a job. It was a very informative page offering not only links to various social media, but providing details on how to use them to greatest advantage in a job search. The final source I found was to offer an opposition to using social media, after using my predetermined search term I located an article on which describes the hazards behind social media in relation to your job search. The biggest threat this article describes to your job hunting efforts is that recruiters search social media profiles to look into potential employees, and as the amount of personal information available online grows, first impressions are being formed long before the interview process begins. (Lorenz, 2009) I feel that each of these searches are appropriate to the reply because they are providing me with several key points to use from any position I choose to take.
For the second topic I chose to research, PSY180 which is to find an opposing opinion to the benefit of sports for children. It is a difficult task as there is little opposition to the benefits of children remaining active. Because of that, and the recognition that the task was in preparation for a psychology presentation, I decided to do a Google search for opposition from a psychological standpoint. It is in this vein that I decided to use the search phrase “psychological effects of sports on children.” The goal is to find credible sources using the same criteria as my previous searches that will locate formal opposition to children in sports because of a psychological detriment. The search was still very difficult, and it took quite a while to locate any articles that would even discuss detriments to children who are active in sports. Eventually I landed on three,...

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