Use Of Force In Urban Cities And Its Relation To Race

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Use of Force by Police in Law Enforcement

This paper seeks to explore the use of force among police officers in law enforcement in urban cities and how it relates with common variables regarding police officers. Some of the police variables that will be discussed include race, education, experience, age. These variables will be comprehensively studied so as to ascertain if there exists any relationship among these variables and use of force among police office in law enforcement.
The use of force presents one of the most controversial sectors of law enforcement in any given society. Recent developments have escalated ...view middle of the document...

The intensity of vigor law enforcers normally use include oral and physical restriction, less-lethal force, and lethal force.
According to Barrett (2008), during forceful law enforcement, an officer’s main goal is regaining control of the situation while protecting the public. Use of force during law enforcement should be officers’ last option of regaining control of a situation. On the process of forceful law enforcement, injuries are likely to occur. It is therefore the responsibility of the officers to ensure that the injured individuals receive the necessary medical attention and his/her relatives notified in good time. It is therefore important that law enforcement officers incorporate comprehensive judgment and due diligence when determining whether or not to use dynamism and more precisely what force to use. It is compulsory that officers adhere to ethical standards and always act in the interest of shielding lives and property while maintaining and defending rights of the innocent. Structural explanation of police use of forcible control has traditionally focused either on conservative assumptions concerning community violence or racial threat explanations (Barrett, 2008). The conventional assumption asserts that police use force in response to the risks they come across in the line of duty. On the other hand, racial threat justifications suggests that forced management of individuals by the law enforcement personnel is a political strategy applied to subdue the possible threat lower classes or minorities pose to the supremacy of the elites.
Literature review
The major purpose of the research is to help law enforcement agencies in minimizing the incidence of the violence between citizens and police officers (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2012). From the police perspective, the successful accomplishment of the two objectives is the major benefits. The first objective is to ensure the safety of the police officers. The second objective should foster an atmosphere of unity and mutual respect between the people and police. The major aim of the research is to provide a basis for examining a police department to determine if its culture is favorable to reducing violent confrontations between citizens and police. This research also provides a frame of reference which may be used by any police to create policy, implements a program, make a decision, and implement programs plus guide the manner in which the police department deceivers service to the community.
The policing role has dynamic since it became a profession in the year 1829 under Sir Robert Peel in London, England. The relationship between citizens and police in American society is basically comprehended as a progression from the political period. When police were introduced in America in the years the 1840s to the early 1900s up to the reformation of an era, we had various approaches (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2012). It stretches across the middle part of the 20th century from the...

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