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Use Cases Essay

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Use Cases
Christopher Dole
Professor Jennifer Merritt
CIS210: Systems Analysis and Development
3 February 2013

A use case diagram demonstrates the uses and requirements of a process and its actors. When creating use case diagrams they should be simple and easy to understand so that all levels of outside users can see and understand the roles they have in the overall project (Chen, Slides 6,7).
In my first use case we see a use case that addresses the actors and actions for an ATM withdrawal. The use case diagram is simplified and shows how a customer will use an ATM machine to request a withdrawal. It shows the initial interaction in which it is understood the customer will need ...view middle of the document...

This would then result in a response based on funds availability acknowledging the availability of funds and sending the request for transaction processing or, if there are fees associated with the request and the bank server indicates fees, the ATM system will display fees to the customer to confirm. If the customer proceeds then the request is sent for processing. In this area the transaction is verified and either approved or denied. Once approved or denied a notification sent to the ATM system results in the customer receiving a notification of denial with a reason or a confirmation that funds are being provided and the ATM system releases the withdrawal amount. This results in the finalization of the transaction through the system confirming the transaction and updating the balances with an ATM system command to print a receipt documenting the transaction and updated balance while providing the funds or documenting the balances and reason for transaction failure. There are other variables that would also be considered with an ATM system for a cash withdrawal including whether the ATM has funds available to fulfill the request and if the ATM has a successful connection to the bank server. These are items that may require a service call for the ATM or cash replenishment. This adds another actor to the picture as well look at the overall ATM server which would be a service technician. The ATM would have its regular service and then the system might notify the bank of service issues and a service call may be scheduled by the bank system. See Below for the Use Case Diagrams created for an ATM withdrawal transaction. The overall ATM system Use Case Diagram is found at the end of this document with a design theory from the web (Hruby, ATM Case Diagram).

The next use case when studying the process for an ATM system is the ATM user accessing their account to make a deposit. As with the previous use case the ATM user will be accessing their account through a magnetic card that has their account details stored to it. They would need to gain access through inputting their PIN security code. Once the account is accessed the system will view and verify the user’s request to deposit funds and determine if the user is depositing cash or check. The system will then transmit this data to the bank server to verify the current balances and which are displayed to the user and what account the user has access to. This will prompt the user to select the account they wish to deposit to and insert the deposit. This will result in a system verification process with the bank server including a count of the cash to be deposited by the ATM and user verification of this count or a transmittal of the image and check details from a scanned check to process this deposit. Next, the system will authorize the transaction and record the amount and type of transaction resulting in the deposit record being displayed for the ATM user and once confirmed by the user a...

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