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Usage Of Internet Essay

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As increasingly more schools achieve Internet capabilities and as educational technology is increasingly promoted throughout the United States and elsewhere, students and teachers can participate in a wide range of literacy activities. According to the National Center for Educational Statistics (2001), 98 percent of U.S. public schools and 77 percent of classrooms in those schools were connected to the Internet by Fall 2000. Some educators claim that ready access to computers and increased use of computers in K-12 education has a beneficial effect on educational outcomes specifically in the area of reading ability.
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He found that on average, students who used computer-based instruction scored at the 64th percentile on tests of achievement compared to students in the control conditions without computers who scored at the 50th percentile. Kulick also found students learn more in less time when they receive computer-based instruction and students like their classes more and develop more positive attitudes when their classes include computer-based instruction.
The results of a survey conducted by the Center for Applied Special Technology (“Survey: Student Technology Use”, 1999), showed that
teachers assigned students to use computers for word processing or
Internet Use 4
creating spreadsheets most frequently (61%), followed by Internet research (51%), practicing drills (50%), solving problems and analyzing data (50%), CD-ROM research (48%), multimedia projects (45%), graphical presentations (43%), demonstration and simulation (39%), and correspondence with experts (23%).
By 1999, 95% of public schools were connected to the Internet, up from 35% in 1994 (Williams, 2001). Up from 35% in 1994, to 63% in 1999, most public school instructional classrooms, computer and other labs, library/media centers, and any other rooms used for instructional purposes, were connected to the Internet. A report (Williams, 2001) revealed its annual survey results describing the current state of technology in U.S. public schools. According to the survey, the use of technology has increased. In 2001, 69% of schools reported that the majority of their teachers use the Internet for instructional purposes, which has an increase from the 63% of schools in 2000. 83% of schools indicated that the majority of their teachers have school based e-mail addresses in 2001. In 2000, 77% of school teachers had school based e-mail addresses. In 2001, 78% of the schools say that the majority of their teachers were using computers on a daily basis for planning and/or teaching, slightly increased compared to 76%, in 2000 (Williams, 2001).

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A study by McNabb, Hassel, and Steiner (2002), focused on literacy researchers’ and innovative teachers’ thinking about the benefits of Internet-based curricular activities and instructional practices used to enhance students’ literacy. Teachers surveyed said they observed that Internet-based learning activities make reading enjoyable for students, foster use of critical reading skills, facilitate students’ reading fluency, and enhanced understanding of content. According to the study, students involved in Internet-based activities improve vocabulary development, process writing skills, and comprehension of text. Those interviewed and surveyed in this study also indicated that higher order literacy skills – such as organizing information according to research questions, comparing and contrasting, and synthesizing information into new and meaningful structures - are important when engaging in Internet-based...

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