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Design Process and Evaluation
• Understand and meet user expectations- there is no process to understand what the user experience is. They may have collected random samples and had them use the website but it would be more efficient to prompt the user to take a random survey during or after they have used the website. They may have this but I was never prompted to take a survey. It would be nice to have an entire section or link to identify problems or make recommendations.
• Use Parallel design- although the design of the website is efficient (doesn’t have any flash or glamour) it is a little bland. It has a very “government website” feel to it. If they took multiple website designers ...view middle of the document...

• Communicate the Websites Values and Purpose- there is no value or purpose stated in the home page. Unless they think their value or purpose is “Find a Nursing home”. A mission or value statement at the top would be ideal for this site. I get nothing about the purpose of the site upon entering it.
Page Layout
• Place important items top center- the most important item on this site is the tool bar to enter your “zip code, city, or state” and it is in the middle, left justified. This could be top center justified for best results.
• Provide Navigation Options- generally when you are on a page and you want to navigate back to the home page, you can click the title header. The title header on this page is and takes you back to the Medicare home page. The nursing home compare home is a tab that you can select but it should be its own site. This kind of frustrated me because once I got back to the page, it was very hard to navigate myself back to the nursing home compare website. Like I said before, this page should have it’s own individual site rather than being an appendage to the site. There is a little breadcrumb trail link that says “home” but it can be easily overlooked.
• Place Primary Navigation Menus on the left panel- there are no navigation menus on the left panel. They are all under the title header. Provide a pop out menu of the left
• Use Site Maps- No site map available. Have a site map.
• Link to related content- I visited several nursing homes on the nursing home compare site and none of them had external links to individual nursing home websites. If they did, they didn’t make them easy to find or very apparent. Have an apparent link to each individual nursing home.
Text Appearance
• Use attention attracting features when appropriate- there are no attention attracting feature. They website is very bland. Have a little more pop and showmanship...

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