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About the Authors Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the First Edition Acknowledgements Brief Contents 1. Introduction to Sales and Distribution Management Introduction 1 Evolution of Sales Management 1 What is Sales Management? 2 Nature and Importance of Sales Management 2 Relationship Selling 3 Varying Sales Responsibilities/Sales Positions 4 Importance of Personal Selling and Sales Management 4 Role and Skills of Modern Sales Managers 4 Skills of a Sales Manager 6 Types of Sales Managers/Sales Management Positions 6 Top-level (Strategic) Sales Managers 6 Middle-level (Tactical) Sales Managers 7 First-line (Operational) Sales Managers 7 Staff Sales Management Positions 8 ...view middle of the document...

1: Elex Motors Ltd.—Partnering Relationship 60 Case 2.2: RK Consultants—Selling Consultancy Service 60 3. Planning, Sales Forecasting and Budgeting Introduction 62 Strategic Planning 62 Corporate Strategic Planning 62 Business Unit (or SBU) Strategic Planning 63 Product/Operational Planning 63 Role of Marketing and Sales 63 The Role of Marketing at Corporate Level 63 The Role of Marketing at Business Unit 64 Marketing and Personal Selling Strategies 65 Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 65 Sales Strategy—A Strategic Decision Area 66 Classification of Accounts 66 Relationship Strategy 66 Selling Methods 67 Channel Strategy 68 62

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Developing Sales Forecast 68 Types of Sales Forecast 68 Basic Terms Used in Forecasting 68 Forecasting Approaches 70 Top-down/Break-down Approach 70 Bottom-up/Build-up Approach 71 Sales Forecasting Methods 72 Executive Opinion Method 72 Delphi Method 73 Salesforce Composite Method 73 Survey of Buyers’ Intentions Method 74 Test Marketing Method 75 Moving Average Method 76 Exponential Smoothing Method 76 Decomposition Method 77 Naive/Ratio Method 77 Regression Analysis 78 Econometric Analysis 79 How to Improve Forecasting Accuracy? 79 Use Multiple Forecasting Methods 79 Identify Suitable Methods 79 Develop a Few Factors 79 Obtain a Range of Forecasts 79 Use Computer Hardware and Software Tools 81 Sales Budgets 81 Purposes of the Sales Budget 81 Methods Used for Deciding Sales Expenditure Budget 82 Sales Budget Process 82 Summary 84 Glossary of Key Terms 84 Conceptual Questions 86 Objective Type Questions 87 Application Questions 87 Reference Notes 88 Case 3.1: AG Refrigerators Ltd.—Developing Sales Forecast 89 4. Management of Sales Territories and Quotas Defining Sales Territory 90 Reasons for Setting up or Reviewing Sales Territories 90 Procedure for Designing Sales Territories 92 Select a Control Unit 92 90



Find Location and Potential of Customers 93 Decide Basic Territories 94 Assigning Salespeople to Territories 96 Relative Ability of Salespeople 97 Salesperson’s Effectiveness in a Territory 97 Use of IT in Territory Management 97 Managing Territorial Coverage 98 Routing 98 Scheduling 99 Time Management Tools for Salespeople 100 Time Management Tools for Sales Managers 101 Sales Quotas or Sales Targets 102 What are Sales Quotas? 102 Objectives of Quotas 102 Types of Quotas 103 Methods for Setting Sales Quotas 107 Insights into Setting and Administration of Sales Quotas 108 Companies not Using Quotas 110 Summary 110 Glossary of Key Terms 111 Conceptual Questions 112 Objective Type Questions 112 Application Questions 113 Reference Notes 114 Case 4.1: CG Engineering Company—Achieving Quotas 116 Case 4.2: MM Marketing Company—Territory and Quotas for a New Product 5. Organising and Staffing the Salesforce Concepts of Sales Organisation 117 Degree of Centralisation 117 Degree of Specialisation 118 Line or Staff Position 118 Market Orientation 118 Effective Co-ordination 118 Span...

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