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Us Healthcare System Essay

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U.S. Healthcare System
The U.S. healthcare system undergoes certain changes and reforms in the modern society, and there is an increasing need for health care reforms in the modern society due to the increasing costs on healthcare, the high rate of various diseases in the community decreasing the quality of the national health on a regular basis. The modern U.S. health care system is not very effective in the context of delivery, finance, management, and/or sustainability, and this is the major reason to imply certain changes and reforms in this field promoting its efficacy and success in the market. People living in the modern society should feel valued and important in the healthcare system receiving the needed assistance and support in a timely manner not depending on their health and economic status. Bar-Yam (2006) stated that “efforts to implement cost controls and industrial efficiency that are appropriate for repetitive tasks but not high-complexity tasks lead ...view middle of the document...

However, not depending on this amount of money spent on the health care system, there is still the great number of uninsured individuals in the country who cannot simply afford buying some health care program. Thus, the role of the government is to set the affordable health care plans for different categories of people living in the country making the health care highly-available in the modern society. People working in this field should care much about the patients increasing the quality of care and people’s access to the health care system. Medicare and Medicaid are the most common and widely used health care programs in America but there are certain financial restraints and limitations in such programs preventing people from using them.
Shortell, Gillies & Wu (2010) stated that in order to meet and reduce the number of challenges faced by the health care system, people should implement “new approaches to healthcare delivery and comprehensive population health management” (p. 190). The proper awareness and understanding of these issues will help to prevent future challenges and problems in this field increasing people’s trust and confidence in the healthcare. Physicians, health care providers, and the governmental agencies managing and controlling these fields should combine their efforts in the community improving the efficiency of the U.S. health care system. The administrative costs in this field should be also reduced helping people to share the valuable and important information in this field promoting the proper care among individuals. The overall performance of this system and it organization in the community should be properly evaluated and improved leading the health care to the future success and efficacy in the community increasing the reputation of the nation in this field. The increasing costs on health care should also increase the quality of care and treatment, as well as people’s access to health care in the community.  

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