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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the United States

The United States declared war on terrorism on September 11, 2001 following grievous acts of terror committed against the Untied States. We have since exercised a power military force against out enemies that is one of the most technological advanced in the world. A controversial offensive strategy used by our military is to strike enemy target from the air using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS’s). Formerly known as Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV’s), these highly advanced mechanized drones have been a controversial part of our military since they ...view middle of the document...

California Assemblyman Steven Bradford has even proposed a set of tax breaks to attract the UAS industry to our state. The FAA has already handed out 1,400 waivers to public agencies alone and that’s not including governmental agency drone us. There are numerous test sights in California already including two San Diego and one Ventura County. Each test sight is operating different drones and testing how they can use them and what could be better for operating them in the U.S. These drone locations are expected to become focal points for drone development in the future and sources say that securing these tests sights in California will accelerate growth in the state though the technology will advance wither way.

Drone use U.S. has undoubtedly sparked privacy concerns and questions about the rules on how, where and by whom the system can be used. Already many of the nations industries are making prefigure claims about how they can use UAS’s in there own industry. Watchdog and news organizations say they can improve on reporting stories, patrol oil pipelines, ports and the coastline; emergency managers and first responders want to monitor and assess wildfires from the sky and view damage from natural disasters in real time; law enforcement officials see potential in using drones to conduct surveillance, search and rescue operations and fight drug trafficking; and shipping companies want to explore UAS’s use in inspecting and delivering packages. Research organizations have a bountiful amount of reasons to use drone and UC Davis has already been using drones to spray and fertilize crops since 2007. All of these reasons to use drones in their respective industries is valid however when is the line drawn about unethical use of UAS’s.

The FAA has taken practical steps to hear and get the public involved in the government privacy policy for Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Already the FAA has...

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