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Canada Constitution vs Unites States

Most countries around our world for the most part have a constitution for people to live by or another resource laying out the freedoms for the citizens for the countries. A Constitution of course is the foundation for one’s country that he or she lives in. The constitution or other government rules lay the foundation for the government as well as the citizens that reside in the country. This is especially true for the lands of America and the Monarchy of the providence of Canada. Both nations citizens live by the rights of each constitutions everyday even though in some cases our rights are not always treated as a nation of free people should be. Of ...view middle of the document...

The articles of the constitution that was made established the branches of the government level and what their powers duties are for them to achieve. They give congress the power to make laws. It also divides congress into the senate and house or Representatives. The Articles also dictate who belongs to which branch of government. The president of the United States is the head of the executive branch. The judicial branch is the court systems with the supreme and low level court. The articles go on to explain the responsibilities of the states and what responsibilities the federal government has to them. By saying this the only way the Unites States constitution can be changed is by adding a amendment to take place of another or try to make one go away or bring something back that was outlawed such as alcohol as the amendment that took it away then the other that made it legal for people to drink again. They also regulate any debts and engagements by the government. Also they explain how many states need to ratify the constitution. (

The United States constitution also is supposed to protect freedoms we as American citizens enjoy. America’s constitution has the Bill of Rights which are the first ten amendments of course which is something everyone should know. The Bill of Rights are supposed to protect the rights we have as citizens of the Unites States. These rights include freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly and association, the right to bear arms, the rights to our privacy protection as well as many others.

Canada’s constitution was written in 1867. A group of thirty six known men known as the” Fathers of Confederation”. The majority of these men were of British origin, the others were of French origin. The British government changed their draft in significant ways. The thirty six men who wrote the Canada’s constitution were elected. Men who owned property or paid significant taxes or rent were allowed to vote. Women and minorities were not permitted to vote but except in Nova Scotia which is a providence of Canada, but mainly they did not. All of the treaties signed between the British monarchy and the governments of the aboriginal peoples in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries have been ignored by Canadian government ever since. This has left many unresolved issues with control of land and resources, the governments, as well as health and education and welfare of the people. (Constitutional history of Canada-Wikipedia)

Whenever someone wants to become a citizen of Canada the person pledges their allegiance to Queen Elizabeth and her heirs instead of the country of Canada due to Canada is still a monarchy of Great Britain which the people want it changed for the most of them. People born in Canada are not required to take the oath. Around fifty percent of the Canadian people believe that their constitution should be changed to...

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