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Us And Effective Peacekeeping Essay

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The United States has been called the world peacekeepers. However, many historians dispute this claim through the actions that they have taken between the periods of 1914 and 1945. The reason why historians put so much emphasis on this period of time was because it was the most chaotic time that mankind had to face. It could easily be said that World War I and World War II is the most important war that took place in the history of mankind. While the United States did participate in the wars, they were not fully committed until their own interests were at risk. Another important part of history that will be looked at is also the League of Nations which was proposed by ...view middle of the document...

This war lasted for 4 and half years and resulted in over 9 million combatants killed.

As previously mentioned, United States was not a major power that fought in the War from the beginning. The main event that triggered US involvement in the World War I was due to the German U-boat sinking 7 US merchant ships headed for England in April 1917. The reason why Germany sank the US merchant ships was because US was selling weapons and supplies to the allied power thus making the allied power more favorable to win the war. After this sinking of merchant ships, US congress approved Woodrow Wilson’s (28th president of United States, 1913~1921 ) declaration of war on April 6th, 1917. The approval of congress resulted in total of 3 million men being sent to Europe to serve in the war. This was a huge turnover for the war as not only fresh men to fight were sent to Europe but new supplies and armaments were sent to fight as well.

Although the United States was an associate power, they were not fully committed to the war. If United States wished to stop selling armaments to the allied power, they could have done so. But the ultimate reason to the US participation in the war was the sinking of US merchant ships. If the United States was a true peacekeeper, they would’ve participated in the war earlier regardless of the side to take part in. The motive for United States entering World War I can be said to be the sinking of merchant ships. This is not for peacekeeping but rather for own interests. So the US participation of World War I can be said to be due to own interests.

League of Nations

League of Nations is an organization that was preceded by the United Nations. It was set up after World War I to keep nations talking to each other and resolve matters through non-combat. It is an older version of the United Nations but there were fewer members and committee. Ultimately the League of Nations was a failure as it could not stop World War II from occurring. Historians often say that the main reason for the failure of the League of Nations was due to absence of United States. Main countries that were member of the League of Nations were Britain, France, Germany, Japan, Austria, Hungary and many more. Most members were from Europe and matters that were discussed mainly were restricted to events that existed in Europe.

Ironically, League of Nations was first proposed by Woodrow Wilson, the President of United States. Wilson got the idea of the League of Nations from a South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts. He published a treatise which Wilson adopted both the ideas and style of Smuts. After the establishment of League of Nations, Wilson went back to United States on July 8th, 1919 to gain support for the US’ entry into the league. Wilson gave a speech to the senate on July 10th which he said “a new role and a new responsibility have come to this great nation that we honor and which we would all wish to lift to yet higher levels of...

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