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Us/101 Week Two Goal Matrix Essay

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Appendix D

Goal Evaluation Matrix

Choose five of the scenarios in Appendix C and evaluate the goals according to the SMART criteria. Provide support for your evaluation.

| |S |M |A |R |T |
|Goal setter and goal |Is the goal specific? |Is the goal measurable? |Is the goal attainable? |Is the goal realistic? |Is the goal timely? |
|James: |Yes |Yes ...view middle of the document...

|one month with a target of |her progress |plan in place and ways to |causing herself harm. If she |with a 1.5lb increase each |
| |1.5lb gain per week. | |measure her progress. |hits her goals weight she would|week. |
| | | | |benefit from it physically and | |
| | | | |emotionally. | |

|Lawrence |Yes |Yes, |Yes |Yes |Yes, |
|Wants to buy a second car for his|He has a one year plan to save |He can check his savings to |He has set a monthly goal of |Saving $300 a month for a car |A one year time span will give |
|family. |for a car. |track his progress and adjust |saving $300 and he can check |purchase within a year is very |him the information he needs to|
| | |as needed. |his savings to make sure he is |realistic |make sure he can afford a new |
| | | |on track. | |car. |
|Jarrod |Yes, |Yes |Yes |Yes |Yes, |
|Wants to run in the Boston |He plans to train for a year |He can measure his ability to |Running in the Boston Marathon |He is in his late 40’s and has |He has set specific measureable|
|Marathon next year. |increases his ability to run |run farther and father each |after training for a year seems|not run in two years but he has|goals during his one year |
| ...

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