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Us/101 Week 9 Final Assignment

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I believe that completing a degree in a higher education can be very helpful to me. It can be an asset to opening new doors for my future. I believe that the more I learn the less I have to work because to me knowledge is power but then again power isn’t everything. I can use the tools that I learned in this class for a better future, this class refreshed my memory and taught me new things that I didn’t know about grammar and punctuation. Also the discussions questions that I had with my classmates were all very helpful to me some of them taught me things that I didn’t even know. I never realized how effective it could be collaborating with your classmates; it’s amazing how everyone can ...view middle of the document...

It taught me how taking a walk, listening to music, playing a sport or even just doing something that you like doing helps you relieve stress. Receiving feedback from your classmates, teacher, or even your bosses is very important because it helps you realize what you are doing good, and what are you doing bad. This helps you learn from your mistakes, it teaches you what you need to work on to become better in that certain aspect. I know for some people it is difficult to receive bad feedback but it is important that you do because you need to know what your weaknesses are so you can overcome them. I know I used to be that type of person that didn’t like to receive bad criticism but it true what people say the older you are the more wisdom you have. Identifying the way you learn is also important especially in your academic life because you have to learn how to acquire the information that you need. It is also important to be able to learn in a different variety of ways because the more ways you’re able to grasp information the better it’ll be for you to acquire any knowledge that...

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