Urbanization In The Third World Essay

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Urbanization in simple terms is the rapid and massive growth of cities as the migration of people from the countryside in search of better jobs and living conditions occurs. Migration is defined as the long-term relocation of an individual, household or group to a new location outside the community of origin. As the process of internal migration increases within a country large masses of people are gathering in the densely populated and highly structured settlements of a country. Consequently, cities are growing significantly in size and number with the continuation of mass migration. At the start of the 20th century only about 17.8% of the entire population of a third world country lived in ...view middle of the document...

Push factors are the conditions in the place of origin which are perceived by migrants as detrimental to their well-being or economic security. Push factors in the third world include many social and political issues. In rural areas for instance, often on small family farms, it is difficult to improve one's standard of living beyond basic sustenance. Farm living is dependent on unpredictable environmental conditions, and in times of drought, flood or pestilence, survival becomes extremely problematic. Rural areas feature primitive conditions of lifestyles making it harder on people to practice their own religions creating social distress. Economic and technological changes which reduced the demand for labor on farms and offered vastly expanded opportunities in urban industry pushed more and more rural inhabitants to move to the cities to battle their issue of unemployment.
Rural areas are extremely prone to natural disasters such as flooding and severe drought due to the lack of technology to cope with these disasters, resulting in mass loss of life, crops and land which is the major source of income for its inhabitants. For example on the 14th of January 2009 hundreds of acres of Indonesian rice fields were underwater following a week of heavy rains in most rural areas of Indonesia resulting in the flooding of the Piji and Dawe rivers. Some villages and main roads are inundated by water up to 2 feet high. The extensive damage caused was felt by farmers who owned and worked the fields of 1300 acres of rice and other cash crops. These floods have been common to the region over the years and hence most rural inhabitants have moved to city areas where, flooding is minimal and consequently the presence of flooding doesn’t matter much as they don’t have to tend to their farms in cities.
Education has been a major issue in rural regions. Rural regions in third world nations have very little access to modern developments in science and technology giving children a lower standard of education and exposure to modern trends in the world around them. More often most farmers aren’t interested in getting their children education in rural areas as they would rather let them work in their fields following a very primitive mechanism, which wouldn’t have been the case with a better education given to them. Most rural settler however have sent their children to cities to gain a better education whilst they stay back, or eventually shift towards the cities along with their children to help give them a better education. This process consequently means that their children will then educate themselves and remain in the cities working for an organization.
Medical facilities in the rural areas of third world nations have extremely low standards in technology and facilities. Healthcare is often located it far off places such that rural inhabitants often travel miles to seek medical care. For instance when a farmer falls ill, they must decide if it is worth the...

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