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Ups Global Operations With The Diad Iv

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Should the technology be blamed for the unfavorable lifestyle of people.

Technology is the making modifications in usage and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, method of organization in order to solve problems of our societies achieving goals or perform a specific function, according to the USA teacher’s guide in (2010). Although there are many factors that cause the unfavorable lifestyle of people technology should not be blamed for that incident. Talking about the enrolment of technology in the unfavorable lifestyle of people is compounded in several factors according to the view of people such as positive effects of technology in the human beings, the negative ...view middle of the document...

It has made people incompetent in our societies with no ability to prepare their own works. However, technology covers an extensive number of components such as computers, mobile phones, radio, that are giving them a positive impact regarding the technology and human beings as well.The educational programs on TV for children during long periods of time, can improve their ability to be educated. The media can help children to be more informative learning about a variety of subjects such as Biology , History and building an analytical skills by discussion. So with the improvement of method of communication such as mobile phones, internet usually helps everybody. all of these methods mentioned are technically cheap, and easier to be in touch with families at any part of the world.

Opponents argue that technology used for communication and educations have changed the dynamics of human interaction. over 40 years ago people were helping one another in the community with a positive interaction but nowadays everyone is concentrated in their own thing and that incident has leaded us to think individually about ourselves without caring about others. However, according to Buzzle in (2010) technology has grown increasingly the last decades with the use of computers. Teach has made learning more interesting so Computers are better in terms of presentation of information which makes the process of teaching easier and more effective. Education on radio, cDs is available everywhere. This has made information easy to access and provided for better ways of knowledge sharing. Online degrees and training courses have led to spread of education. Today, people can continue learning even while managing their jobs, because online education gives them the flexibility to do...

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