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Upon The Verge Of Global Devistation Analyzing Wwii In Terms Of Wwi

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Analyzing WWII in terms of WWI Excellent paper.ToughiusWorld HistoryDecember 1, 1995'Upon the Verge of Global Devastation'Liberal democracy has dealt with the challenges of fascism and communism through its ability to adjust to the world's changing social and political climate, while the authoritarian systems of government in their various forms, tend to be tragically inflexible. This liberal adaptability has proved essential to best confronting economic crises. Yet, it seems almost ironic that the communist Soviet Union was as much (and arguably more) of an instrument in defeating fascism as were the liberal democracies of the world. Despite its apparent strength, the Soviet Union ...view middle of the document...

e., '[In the United States] even the introduction of government spending measures in 1937 inspired by Keynes's theories was not sufficient. Only the beginning of intensive armament production in 1940 restored full employment and prosperity.' - Daniel Brower (p92) attributes this to domestic measures for economic growth no longer being adequate.It is by Brower's definition that 1929 begins a decade of the 'rise of dictators' (p87); those who came to power characteristically did so rekindling shrouded nationalism and promising an end to their facet of global depression. Germany began to revitalize its economy with Adolf Hitler's transformation of Germany into a new war machine. Benito Mussolini gained considerable prestige for Italy with public propaganda, militarism, and an unfamiliar appearance of order. Joseph Stalin collectivized farms and initiated an extremely fast pace of industrialization, albeit at the vast expense of human lives. The terrorist tactics employed by these new dictators almost entirely weeded out any nominal internal opposition. It seems apparent that, because all of these leaders came to power in the midst of immense turmoil and foul economic predicaments, the new dictators (in one way or another) used the sentiments of their desperate peoples to foster a nationalistic power-lust that progressed to become a true threat to liberal democracy throughout the world. Germany, Italy, and Japan eventually formed an Axis alliance that embodied that threat.As this Axis union began to seek world conquest that was not only a threat to liberal democracy, but could possibly have meant democracy's end throughout the world. In response to Axis aggression, the liberal states in Europe mobilized themselves militarily as they began to defend themselves against the threat of being conquered by fascist-led Axis powers, being joined by the Soviet Union and eventually the United States. With liberal Europe being unable to bear such a catastrophic amount of causalities and depletion of its resources alone, the Soviet Union and the United States brought together great enough forces and resources to defeat fascism wholly. World War II brought the United States and much of Allied Power European nations out of their depressions and into relative economic well-being.It seems, though, that World War II was not so cut and dry as merely saying the war was won because of the superior forces and resources of the Soviet Union and the United States and their aiding those affronted by Hitler and his Axis partners; it becomes fundamentally important to notice how difficult it is for each country to make the transition to a militarized economy. The United States was able to smoothly keep its country's resources mobilized as to meet the demands of the Allied Powers. It seems also apparent that the Soviet Union also was able to direct its resources toward the war effort (especially with arms and artillery), but because of the inefficient nature of its economic...

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