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Unwrapping The Technology Standards Essay

732 words - 3 pages

Jessica Billings
EDU- 225
June 17, 2012
Unwrapping the Technology Standards

Colorado Standards
* Knowledge of Literacy
* Knowledge of Mathematics
* Knowledge of Standards and Assessment
* Knowledge on Content
* Knowledge of Classroom and Instructional Management
* Knowledge of Individualization of Instruction
* Knowledge of Technology
* Democracy, Educational Governance and Careers in Teaching

National Education Technology Standards for Teachers
* National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers:
* Facilitate and inspire learning and creativity
* Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments.
* Model ...view middle of the document...

Teachers today are now using the Smart Board in their classrooms. Smart boards have taken over and chalkboards for the most part are outdated. Smart boards are very hands on. They are able to show videos which helps boost a child’s interest. They require a certain pen to use and they support several systems. They help teachers and students build a better communication. They draw ones attention to what is being taught. “Smart boards are set up to meet the needs of various learning styles in the classroom (Wiki Books). Students nee to stay interested in what the teachers are teaching and the smart board is helping in more ways than one. Communication is a key element in learning. Students need to be able to communicate between each other. This will help their learning advance.
Teachers have a lot to in school. Lesson plans are the key element when it comes to teaching and not all schools have moved towards the technology route like others. Technology is helping, however it seems to me that there is not enough time for some teachers to adapt it in their teachings. Some schools lack the funding to be as afar advanced in the technology as others. Each school is different and has only a certain amount of funding each year. They have to utilize the funding...

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