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Untying The Knot Analysis

977 words - 4 pages

Analysis of Untying the Knot
Analysis of Untying the Knot
Introduction to Sociology | Alan Smith
Introduction to Sociology | Alan Smith
Tarri Boyd

Tarri Boyd


Tarri C. Boyd
March 5, 2015
Introduction to Sociology
Professor Alan Smith

Analysis of
Untying the Knot

The article “Untying the Knot” by Melanie Thernstrom is about the story of a once happily married couple Max and Kate going through divorce. Kate and Max was the ideal couple in the beginning having cool interests, cuteness, similarities and differences that attracted them to each other in a unique way. They are equally attractive, in differing genres (Thernstrom, 2003 pg. 38). Kate felt as though a ...view middle of the document...

It now seems that gender roles were taking place as Kate was more dominant in the relationship. On the other hand it seems that Kate had her own interests instead of using her status as a social position. Max on the other hand complained about how much she was making and wanted more of her earnings. Besides finance there was the issue of Kate feeling like Max’s shadow and with his intelligence he was almost always superior to her and Max always condemning Kate’s impulsiveness. With Max, it seems that he always knew “the cool, new thing to do” and in most cases Max never gave Kate space whenever she needed and always thought they should do everything together. Kate also felt as though Max carries the interests and conversations and she often blames him for not following her own interests such as “singing and horseback riding.” These resentments built up in Kate and she started to become less interested in her husband, it then lead to loss of communication.
The form of traditional marriage for Kate and Max seemed rather upcoming because of the love and affection that they had for one another after seeing each other for a while. But it all started to stray away after they became married, the marriage was not based on romance but more of a business deal during the course of the marriage when Kate started to keep her finances separate from Max, and that she wanted to spend money on materialistic things such as a BMW as stated in the article. From chapter ten in Connelly, women were known to not only spend money on what’s important such as children and needs for the house, but rather spend a lot more money on frivolous things. Women’s earnings tend to be spent on extras, so-called luxury items, or otherwise non- essential expenses. Her money is devalued as “fun money” (Conley, 2013 pg. 389). Even Max...

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