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Untouchables Essay

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Life: Just Beyond Your Reach

“Untouchables” by Mulk Raj Anand was published in 1935 during a period of caste systems, political disturbances and potential changes in India’s future. Anand was one of the first Indian writers to connect Punjabi and Hinduism lifestyle into English for the rest of the world to understand. He wrote about the day in the life of a sweeper and toilet keeper which is the lowest of castes. Sweepers are considered untouchable as they work in a polluted environment and are therefore thought to be contagious to all higher castes. He chose to specifically write about Bakha the oldest son to Lakha as well as his two siblings, younger brother Rakha and sister ...view middle of the document...

He idolizes the Westerners and dreams of being like them. “The consciousness of every child was full of desire to wear Western dress…most of the boys about the place were sons of babus, bandsmen, sepoys, sweepers, washermen and shopkeepers, all too poor…feeling the possession of something European was better than the possession of nothing European.” There were many desires and classes in India and along with the castes were very defined gender roles. The men had more power over the women in everything. Women were like slaves who were ordered around and could not speak their minds. They cooked, cleaned, worked outside of the house and in some cases were abused at work and in their homes. Bahka dreams of his sister, Sohini and what it would be like to marry her as she is perfect his eyes and due to the different castes there are not a lot of options for marriage when one must marry within their own level of caste. Within Bahka’s family there is also a degree of hierarchy which separates the siblings by gender, age as well as pride for their job as a sweeper which is reflective on their father. If they do not make their father look good they lose respect and are moved down the ladder which is what happens when Bahka plays hooky one day while his younger brother Rahka does the work. Not only is Bahka been disrespectful to his father he is also shunned from the family and becomes homeless. Even though he began with nothing, he had his family and now he was completely alone with no job, home or family.
Anand’s memoir was an interesting story yet had a very emotional and somewhat exaggerated feeling to it. It was the worst of days for Bakha and as the day progresses he continually gets beaten down emotionally when he begging for food and the woman throws it into the sewer and physically in the streets when he forgets to yell “posh, posh, sweeper coming” Bakha is extremely poor and has to work cleaning the latrines and roadways, as well as beg for food. When Colonial Hutchinson from the Salvation Army comes along it gives him that glimmer of hope to continue on again as he is a survivor. As soon as Ghandi comes to his village there is a spiritual service where all castes are called together and no one sees the levels or distinctions in the excitement. There are Hindus, Muhammadans, Sikhs, Rathans, Abdul Gaffar Khan Followers, Indian girls, outcastes, as well as Europeans Ghandi gave people of all ages, race, gender and class a flicker of hope for equality. In the memoir there was an astonishing similarity to the Bible and the story of Jesus coming to Jerusalem. In the Bible the people spread palm leaves before Jesus...

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