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Unrequited Love Essay

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Act IV - Film Interpretation
Scene I - The Church


The church holds a big lawn full of green pasture, two bushes and the place are surrounded by trees. There is a door of the church so that the bride can come in and there is an aisle made of tiles which leads straight to the stage where the wedding will take place. There will be chairs for the guests both sides of the aisle. The stage is 15 feet tall and there is a cross at the top. There is a door which is basically the back door of the church which leads to the lawn on the other side. There is a bell right at the top of the door. The lawn is fully decorated with flowers.

I . DON PEDRO, DON ...view middle of the document...

Hero will remain happy and keep smiling since her marriage is going to take place with charming Claudio.
iii) The guests along with Don Pedro , Don Jon will stand up when the bride and her father step in .

II. Claudio starts to insult Hero

a) Camera Movement
The camera is focused on the stage because Claudio will be insulting Hero there and the camera also covers the scene of Hero and others statically from various angles by using different types of lenses . Since Claudio , Hero and Leonato are the main character of the scene so the camera angles will continuously change so that their reactions at the perfect moment can be captured . The other angle is from the church door which is suppose to capture Claudio's movement from the stage to half way to towards the door.

b) Dialouge
Claudio : Know you any, Hero?
Hero: None my lord.
Friar Francis : Know you any , count?
Leonato: what do you mean my lord

Instruction for the characters
i) In this scene , Claudio will insult Hero as there was a misunderstanding between them . Claudio will become very angry and he will express it in a vicious way . He will push Hero to ground and tell everthing he heard about Hero to Leonato

ii) At the beginning of the scene Hero will act like she doesn't know what is happening , she doesn't have any idea about Claudio's speech. When Claudio will push him she will fall on the ground and start crying...

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