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Unix Vs. Windows Server Essay

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Unix / Linux vs. Microsoft Windows Server
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Unix / Linux vs. Microsoft Windows Server
Pace Glass Company is a global cutting, polishing and bending company with operating facilities in two U.S. cities. Pace Glass Company's major clientele include RV manufacturers, specialty car manufacturers, automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, appliance manufacturers and most prestigiously N.A.S.A. With manufacturing plants in Southwest Michigan and Northwest Ohio, Pace Glass Company's online business plays a vital role in continued growth and as such there is heavy ...view middle of the document...

Microsoft Windows: How system designs reflect security philosophy, 2010).
According to "A Comparison of Microsoft Windows and Linux Security" (2011), "Computing security is more than just technology, it's also attitude. It begins with the acknowledgment that security is an important issue. Security also has to permeate the business processes used to create and use software." It is understood that Unix culture values code which is useful to other programmers, while Microsoft Windows culture values code which is useful to non-programmers. For this reason, Unix and Linux have traditionally been used and developed more regularly by computer programmers and enthusiasts of Unix and Linux.
Unix Security
Unix has a higher degree of security features and permissions Microsoft Windows, including a more secure server environment. Unix is very secure if you have it setup correctly making it very difficult to attack. Microsoft Windows, by contrast, is fairly easy to attack and infect with malware (Practical Internet and Unix Security, 2010).
Unix Interface
The graphical interface for the Unix operating system and applications are normally optional with most also including the ability to control the applications using only command from the terminal. A user can decide if they wish to use the graphical interface or not. For the best control, the operator can use the command-line interface. With the vast flavors of Unix available, a user can choose which graphical interface to be used and can be made to look much like Microsoft Windows. When the Unix operation system is up and running, and the choice of graphical interface is made the graphical interface will run over top the operating system.
Windows Interface
A majority of users and professionals take the graphic user interface in windows for granted. The typical person may regard this interface as being Microsoft Windows itself and for the most part they would not be far off. Generally, the Microsoft Windows graphical interface is static with very few customization options and the command line interface is no longer promoted because Microsoft has moved the majority of users toward the graphical environment (Unix vs. Microsoft Windows - The Religious Debate, 2005).
Unix Maintenance
There are many facts the stipulate that the maintenance and manpower requirement for Unix is far lower than that of Microsoft Windows. For example, a Unix network running six programs would have one configuration point and one point of updates to be applied. Workstations on a Unix network are setup to be data free where the data is stored on a server instead of a workstation and the workstation are loaded with the basic operation system.
Windows Maintenance
Also, Microsoft Windows requires more routine maintenance than a Unix environment. For example, a Microsoft Windows network running multiple software applications would require that each workstation have the available applications...

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