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Unix Chapter 4 Answers Essay

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1. You are starting a New Year and need to create ten empty files for your accounting system. Which of the following commands or operators enable you to quickly create these files? (Choose all that apply.)
b) >

2. Your project team uses a group of the same files and tracks whether they are still in use by looking at the last modified date. You need to show that a series of files are still in use by changing the last modified date to today. What command do you use?
c) touch

3. Which of the following are ways in which you can structure a record containing data? (Choose all that apply.)
c) fixed-length
d) variable-length

4. You need to delete 30 files that all start ...view middle of the document...

Which of the following commands would you use to make a backup copy of the file AR2008?
c) cp AR2008 AR2008.bak

10. You have a lot of subdirectories under your home directory and know that you saved the file supplemental in one of them, but you are not sure which one. After you use cd to change to your home directory, which of the following commands enables you to search all of your subdirectories for the file?)
d) find –name supplemental

11. You have created a script file called sum_report in your home directory and have made it executable. What command do you use to run the script?
a) ./sum_report

12. Standard output is referred to as which of the following?
b) stdout

13. Which of the following conditions must be met for you to combine two files using the join command? (Choose all that apply.)
c) The two files must have a common field, such as last name.

14. Which of the following commands can you use to sort the file vendor_name and display the results on the screen?
d) sort vendor_name

15. When you use the paste command, columns of information are separated by a tab. However, your boss wants the columns separated by a colon. What option enables you to specify the colon as the separator?
b) –d:

16. You are examining your addresses file, which contains the first and last names of people you know as well as their street address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number. You want to print a list of last names, which is field 1, and telephone numbers, which is field 7. Which of the following commands enables you to print this list?
c) cut –f1,7 addresses

17. You keep a yearly record of the birds you’ve seen in your town. The name of the file is birds. The file contains the...

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