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University Of Phoenix Essay

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Solving Personal Problems: Applying the Five-Step Model
Racheal George
Mary Lynn Cluff

Solving Personal Problems: Applying the Five-Step Model
The Five-Step model is a very helpful tool that allows you to identify a problem and take the proper steps to fix it. The first step, no comma helps us identify a personal problem that we may have. In the second step, we discover what is causing this problem to arise. In the third step, we identify several options that we think will help us resolve the issue. The fourth step, we can weigh out the pros and cons of each option so that we can pick the most reasonable one. The fifth and final step we put our option into action, monitor it ...view middle of the document...

She said the she could not see the board during class and therefore could not understand what was being taught. She was failing reading alsocomma and I noticed that she was reading way too fast for her to really comprehend what she was going on in the story. She would just memorize the story and not really look at the words and remember them. Then we sat at the kitchen table and discussed several options that we hope will work for her. We wrote all the pros and cons that could be associated with each option. We have moved her to a desk closer in the front of the classroom. We scheduled an eye exam to test her current glasses and replace them if needed. We also have started using flash cards along with her to practice spelling tests on Thursday so that she can fully understand the word and spelling. I have been and will continue to keep an eye on her and her grades and evaluate the plan that we set and make any necessary changes.
I would consider myself a problem eliminator. The plan that I have out for my daughter seems to be the best option at this point. I feel that not only did we solve the problem we eliminated it from occurring again. I will not know for sure how my plan will play out until the next progress report comes out. I have a good feeling about it and that my daughter will excel. Nice to hear!
In conclusion the Five-Step model is a very helpful tool to use in anyway if you want to pin point a problem and eliminate it from occurring again. Applying this model to our daily problems will help us become more skillful critical thinkers. It will also allow us to develop as problem eliminators.

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