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University At Buffalo Problems And Solutions

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There are many problems a student faces in college. There are many universities in this world. Over 45,000 as a matter of fact and not a single university is perfect. There may be universities better than others and so on. All universities are improving with time and money being invested. To improve is to change and to change things one must identify the problems or we can say the things that need to be changed or fixed. I as a student of University at Buffalo (UB) also have experienced many problems like many of my peers. If I had to name a few then the problems which I have experienced are housing facility, food and dining service, transportation, general education subjects, exorbitant ...view middle of the document...

Getting a bus during peak hours such as morning 8-10 is difficult as most off the buses from south to north are full and therefore don’t even stop at our bus stop. This leaves the poor students no option but to walk for 30-35 minutes in the cold during the winters to college. It is very tiring as we carry books for all our classes at once and go back home only at night and so the bag is very heavy and walking such a distance in snow makes it even harder. Depending on the buses makes little sense as there have been times where I was waiting for over an hour for the bus and instead I could have just walked and reached the class on time. More number of buses can be introduced to reduce the total travel time. After going through such problems students are also required to expose themselves to general education subjects such as psychology, geology, philosophy and many more. I mean for a business major student why such general educational subjects turn out to be the most difficult. They may be somewhat relevant but not so much that they are given so much importance. Grading could be made easier for such subjects. After all this the sad part is that international students have to pay multiple fold tuition fees. We understand that the government is paying for the national students but I believe that many costs can be reduced and if costs can be reduced then even the tuition fees can be reduced. Tuition fees can be slightly reduced. All of this can be dealt with but having multiple cumulative final examinations on the same day is the worst thing. If exams go well then they do make up for all other things such as housing, food, transportation and other problems faced during the semester but if they don’t, then they just add salt to the injury and result in the student getting stressed and sometimes into depression. There should be multiple exam dates so as to give flexibility to the students.
Having multiple examination dates have many advantages. Sometimes students are required to skip a crucial class such as a review session of another subject to appear for an exam of a subject. Having multiple exam dates will help in eliminating that problem. There are also instances when students have multiple cumulative exams on the same date and sometimes even one after the other which is very disturbing and disappointing. Implementing this won’t really be that difficult as professors or teaching assistants can send out a form online which all students have to fill up and then the student ticks the time slots that he/she is available and based on that multiple dates and time slots can be allotted for holding examinations with different exam papers.
This would be the best solution as this will help students to give sufficient...

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