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University Essay

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Negotiations Concept Worksheet Your Name Goes Here University of Phoenix *Negotiations Concepts* Worksheet References [Triple click anywhere in this sentence to enterProblem Solution: Global Communications

In each company there is some good and bad within the company. There are many obstacles that each company encounters. Global Communication is a telecommunication company that is having a few problems. Their stock prices are going down and they are trying to restructure their current financial situation. They are trying to increase their level of service for their current and potential customers.
The telecommunication field is so diverse and changes fast daily. Global ...view middle of the document...

Many stockholders will require action on the company’s part to improve service and for them to address concerns with the stockholders. Telecommunication is a very diverse and ever changing field and the company has to restructure some programs to make sure that their company can survive these tough times.
There is also an issue with the Union being involved with the company’s decision. This is a great example of the grapevine communication. “The grapevine is an unstructured and informal network founded on social relationships rather than organizational charts or job descriptions (McShane 2005).” There are a lot of situations that should be discussed within a corporation. The Union feels as if they are betraying the employees because they were not able to notify the employees about the upcoming layoffs and outsourcing jobs. This is important for the Union to know because they are the there to protect the employees rights.
With this in mind the employees will effected dramatically. The employees will lose their livelihood. There are some that are there to support their family and some there for benefits. Either way or for whatever reason that they are there they will be effected in the layoffs that the company is about to do. The Union and the Company reputation are on line because they are noted for their ability to treat their employees well. This is a very good attribute for the company to have this type of reputation and this is in jeopardy.
The company has just gone through some changes with their benefits with the Technology Workers Union and cutting expenses by outsourcing jobs. The company need help quick and is willing to make drastic changes to improve their situation.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
The stakeholders have a big interest in the company because they have a monetary interest in the company. There are many telecommunication companies that are very competitive and the stakeholder’s have a chance to invest in any company that they wish so it would be in the best interest in the company to make changes in the company. The stockholder is very interested in how the company is doing and how they could increase their profits. If the stockholders do not participate in funding the company there will be a lot of issues that the company will face financially.
The Union has also has a responsibility to the employees to ensure that they are treated fairly and equally. The Union can’t protect the employee’s rights because they are not fully aware of the company’s plan. The grapevine communication has put the Union at a disadvantage because they are not clear what the plan is for Global Communications.
Each of these including the employees has an interest in the company’s future. The employees will have to face the possibility of losing their homes and other things that their family may need. If Global Communication keeps up their current trend of stock prices lowering then the company will have problems and will not...

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