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Universal Preschool Essay

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Universal Preschool
The topic of universal preschool has been the focus of much discussion and controversy statewide. Preschool or programs such as Head Start, learning daycares, and childcare have undoubtedly become quite popular over recent years. However, not all children are obtaining the benefits early education has to offer. due to the lack of funding. By implementing universal preschools every child will have the identical opportunity to achieve greatness. Preschool aids in the development of significant social and self-regulation skills, lays the foundation for brain development and forthcoming learning of the child, and benefits society as well as the individual child. The success ...view middle of the document...

Interestingly enough, states are not required to offer funding for pre-kindergarten programs. Even so, “thirty-eight states have state-funded programs and overall they saw a 33% increased enrollment in 2008” (“Universal Preschool: Is It Necessary”). These numbers continue to increase as the year progress and according to Libby Doggett, a deputy director of the Pew Center on the states, and Albert Wat, a project manager for Pre-K now, in 2010, “forty states and the District of Columbia currently offer a state-funded pre-kindergarten program” (9). They continue by saying, “many of these states consider pre-kindergarten a critical part of their school reform agendas because they understand that a pre-kindergarten program aligned with the standards, teaching practices, and professional development, and curricula of the early elementary grades can provide a strong start for young children” (9). Simply stated preschool is giving our youth a solid foundation to start their education which will enhance performance in later years.
Introducing the children into preschool is a start for children to gradually learn essential self-regulation and social skills. Self-regulation as defined by Tools of the Mind “refers to the capacity to control one’s impulses, both to stop doing something, if needed (even if one wants to continue doing it) and to start doing something, if needed (even if one doesn’t want to do it).” Children entering Kindergarten are expected to have an understanding of this skill, but without prior instructions and guidance this becomes almost impossible. Preschool allows the children to learn in a setting where they need to pay attention, follow directions, figure out how to complete a task on their own, as well as how to fail and to try again. As Jon Lasser and Kathleen Fite, who are both part of the Texas State University- San Marcos department of curriculum, directed in their essay titled Universal Preschool’s Promise: Success in Early Childhood and Beyond “listening, taking turns, respecting others, and student engagement in learning constitutes the long-lasting benefits of age-appropriate goals and activities in preschool” (170). Preschool will focus on these vital skills that are crucial throughout a child’s life. As Bruce Bower, a researcher in the development of physical, engineering, and life science, also is in conjunction with stating, “participation in these programs leads to greater self-control and motivation, higher test scores, and better-paying jobs.” Self-control and having the motivational drive to succeed will greatly enhance a child’s future in the long term. By having self-control it allows people to maintain healthy lifestyles and work harder. This will affect many areas of life, including personal decisions, social interactions and how to conduct themselves in social settings like school and the workplace. In agreement the article “What Is So Important about Early Childhood Education” obtained from Education Corners,...

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