Universal Health Care: Universally Wrong Or Right?

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Jazmine Fanning
Eng 137 10:00
S. Piper
March 27, 2009
Universal Health Care: Universally Wrong or Right?
It is argued that with a universal health care system health care costs will decrease greatly, which in turn is an advantage for citizens and employers. Single-payer universal health care will allow the United States to recover from previous years of high administrative costs. The United States currently spends 50-100% more on administration costs than other countries that use the single-payer health care system. But the federal government is not the only party who spends excessively on health care; state governments, employers and private citizens spent 14% collectively of total income on health care alone. If the United States Government chooses to use the universal health care system administrative costs will decline as well as the ...view middle of the document...

It will also ensure that health problems are taken care during the preventive stages rather than waiting until it reaches a more advanced stage which costs more to treat. With universal health care no individual will be turned away from getting the proper treatment because they are underinsured or do not have any medical insurance at all. The universal health care system will allow every citizen to receive the proper care and treatment for any medical condition they are experiencing. Instead of waiting until the condition has reached an advanced stage, people will be able to seek preventive treatment which will also cut down on the costs of health care. Studies show that those who are underinsured or lack insurance receive treatment for health conditions in the advanced stages and as a result their care will cost more and the results are prone to be much worse. This not only influences the health of the patient but the inclusive cost of the system, given that preventive medicine costs only a small percentage of a full blown disease. By allowing citizens to receive care in the early stages of a health condition the society will in turn become healthier and once again the costs of health care are cut drastically.
Many argue that a universal health care system will cause many health insurance industry jobs and other businesses that offer business to the health care industry to either be completely cut or partially cut. With a universal health care system there will no longer be a need for health insurance businesses as well as companies that specialize in this specific field, which will cut the jobs of many employees. This will consequently result in an increase in the unemployment rate which is what the economy is currently struggling to change; making things more difficult to alter if those jobs are cut. The use of a universal health care system right now will cause the economy to back track and another method of recovering from a recession will have to be discovered.

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