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United States Postal Service Essay

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Who Will Survive in America?
For over two centuries, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has provided efficient communication across the nation, reaching its height of success during the 20th century. This boom in business produced an overwhelming number of job opportunities. However, the introduction of new technologies such as e-mail, as well as competing delivery companies, has led to dramatic losses in revenue over the past decade. In order to remain solvent, the USPS must revitalize their current image and reevaluate marketing strategies while also applying modern foundations.
Though the USPS has been a long-standing organization, they must rejuvenate their image in order to ...view middle of the document...

Creating an email for each new consumer will allow for the Postal Service to gain new profits from the e-business. Even if the consumer chooses a different e-mail site, the USPS will still “maintain relevance in their mind”. Not only can they profit from the e-mails, but they also have the opportunity to “sell lucrative advertising on those accounts” (Source A). Advertising may also include the use of coupons. The USPS can create printable online coupons for consumers in which they can get special discounts. In doing so, they can generate a larger profit, while luring people to the post office. In a society that is quickly becoming more technology based, the USPS must use this to their benefit by “getting into the e-business” (Source A).
Additionally, the USPS must reevaluate its marketing strategies in order to cut back on various costs. Postmaster John Potter wishes to “close and consolidate 154 post offices”. Taking this action would not only reduce employment costs, but operating costs as well (Source F). However, this should be done strategically, closing only those with the lowest revenue and unnecessary ones. “You don’t need a full service post office every few...

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