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Unit 8060 Support Individual's To Meet Personal Care Needs

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Unit 8060

Support Individual's to Meet Personal Care Needs
1.1) It is very important to encourage an individual to communicate their needs, preferences and personal beliefs affecting their personal care. For example, an individual may prefer a bath or a shower or they may prefer to drink from a beaker and not a cup. Either way, it is important to understand what requirements the individual want or needs. There may be times in which a staff member may be unable to understand the individual's needs due to the individual not being able to communicate, if this is the case, the staff member would be able to speak alternatively to a family member, a friend of the individual or even another ...view middle of the document...

Explaining how to maintain good hygiene levels and reminding the individual about good hygiene is good practice however you also need to respect the individual's differences and attitudes about taking care of themselves.

2.2) Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is very important within the workplace. Using protective equipment, clothing and also using/having hygiene techniques will minimize the risk of infection. . Germs and bacteria can spread easily in the care home setting, therefore it is important to maintain hygiene standards by wearing uniforms that should be clean, gloves and aprons should also be warn when it comes to personal care of an individual.

2.3) If you have any concerns about the safety and hygiene of equipment or facilities used for personal care, it is important to go straight to your manager to report this. It is also important to write a note to put on the equipment or facility as it can be a hazard and harm people. This will help prevent any further injuries.

2.4) If an individual is not able to care for themself such as personal care, they should never be alone. In a care home, each room will have a "buzzer" in which they can press if they need any assistance however there will always be a member of staff close by.

2.5) To ensure safe disposal of waste materials, there will be bins in bathrooms and toilets which will be lined with bags that will be put into a industrial bin outside. The bins will be emptied and disposed of correctly according to local authority and standards.

3.1) It is important to support the individual to use toilet facilities in ways that respect their dignity. If the individual is unable to take themselves to the toilet, help him/her but also encourage the individual to use their own strength as this will help to promote their independancy. When the individual is on the toilet, leave the bathroom and inform him/her you'll be outside the toilet and they can call you when they're finished. If the...

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