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Unit 8 Project Essay

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Your project this week deals with confidentiality and scope of practice issues. You’ll also deal with correcting an error made in regards to patient care. You will be evaluated on each project on the accuracy of your responses, the completeness of your responses, your ability to think critically about each situation and your overall writing ability. Your responses to the questions below should be constructed in complete sentences using proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Your project should be submitted to the dropbox by the end of Unit 8.

Your Name: Shayla Lewis

Unit 8 Project Questions: Part I

1. Under HIPAA, are you legally allowed to view this patient’s ...view middle of the document...

Laboratory test results. Family medical history.

4. Legally, does the patient or the physician/healthcare facility own the medical record? Why?
State statutes may establish who owns the medical records. In most states, the general rule is that the physician or owners of a healthcare facility, such as a hospital, own the medical records, but patients have the legal right of privileged communication (confidential information told to their physician) and access to their records. Therefore, patients must authorize release of their records in writing.

5. List 3 ways patient confidentiality is maintained in the reception/waiting area of a medical office.
When calling a patient to the back to be seen only use their first names, when the patients are signing in there should be away to cover up their names. Lastly there should be a portioned wall so that conversation is not heard by other waiting patients.

6. A breach of confidentiality can result in what consequences for a health care professional?
If a patient thinks that a doctor has wrongly breached confidentiality, they are able to pursue their grievance in a number of ways: Disciplinary proceedings with the GMC: Can be struck off , Civil proceedings: Pay patient compensation ,Criminal proceedings.

7. From the list of Interpersonal Ethics (found in Chapter 1 of the Fremgen text), please describe how any of those traits were demonstrated in your actions in this case scenario?
Respect for your patient for keeping their priviacy. Honesty for letting the patient know why you are contacting him. Fairness because you would do the same with any other out patient. Loyalty for continuing to be commited to the patient after leaving the hospital

Unit 8 Project Questions: Part II

1. Would the action taken in this second scenario be within your scope of practice for your...

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