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Unit 8 Assignment Sandwich Blitz

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Unit 8 Assignment
After reading the unit eight Sandwich Blitz scenario, as well the Eight Steps Toward Integrity article by Stratford Sherman, I learned that there are new land-use laws that require all out buildings be a minimum of six feet from the property lines. Sandwich Blitz is in violation of this policy because their enclosure that keeps the trash dumpster is five feet away from the property line; however, the government inspector who was assigned to inspect the Sandwich Blitz has informed the unit manager of that location that he would be willing to overlook this if Sandwich Blitz would cater the department's holiday party for his job. The unit manager later communicated the ...view middle of the document...

They made a commitment to one another, to themselves, to their company, their employees, their customers and their community and they must keep their word and lead by example.
Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing to do and often that road leaves others traveling alone; however, if they choose the easy road and accept the offer then what happens when another inspector comes out to inspect and they realize that the Sandwich Blitz is in violation? Will they be required to do something for that inspector in order for that inspector to turn his/her head to the violation? The cycle will continue, until there is an inspector who values integrity and they have no option but to write them a violation ticket, give them a citation or whatever it is they do. Dalman and Lei should just accept the consequences and fix the problem.
Dalman needs to sit down with Lei and they need to take a moment and reflect on their morals and values. If they choose to accept the offer, will they be able to sleep at night without contemplating what they have sacrificed? If one opts not to take the proposal, while the other does will they be able to respect the others reasons and accept the decision? I think Stratford had a really good point...

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