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Unit 6 M2 Essay

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In this assignment I will be explaining how an outbreak of MRSA in a health and social care setting will be managed. The setting I have chosen is a hospital.
MRSA, short for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterial infection that is resistant to various types of anti-biotic, meaning this is a lot harder to treat compared to other common types of bacteria. It is carried on the skin, inside the nostrils and the throat and spread through skin-to-skin contact with an individual who is infected or colonised by the bacteria. It is very common for someone to develop MRSA when they are in hospital due to people who are staying in hospital are commonly wounded, burnt, using a ...view middle of the document...

Patients with an MRSA infection may be kept away from other patients, perhaps in a single bed room or in an isolation unit until the infection has cleared.
Every hospital needs to establish its “normal” (or baseline) incidence of hospital-acquired infection so that it can identify abnormal levels or outbreaks when they occur. An outbreak may be defined as an increase in the occurrence of a disease by reference to a recorded baseline rate – although, in practice, timely notification of a possible outbreak often relies on the past experience of clinical and laboratory staff, and on them being alert to the condition of individual patients. An outbreak may also be identified by cases of infection that are clearly associated (in time and place). Hospitals need to have plans to deal with outbreaks of hospital-acquired infection. The infection control committee should be closely involved in drawing up and endorsing these plans. The infection control team must have access to managers and medical and nursing staff who have the authority to take the actions necessary to contain the outbreak.
An outbreak first needs to be recognised. Information related to the event then needs to be gathered and an action plan put in place. All but one hospital service reported that they had documented infection outbreak response arrangements or plans that had been endorsed by the infection control committee. Outbreak plans should: define what is meant by an outbreak, assign responsibility for notifying and investigating a suspected outbreak, specify what information should be gathered, set out how a team or committee will be formed to control the outbreak, the membership of the team or committee, and the team’s mandate and tasks, specify required communications with external agencies; and set out requirements for reporting and follow-up.
Communication is a vital part of outbreak management. Most importantly, staff should remain informed and kept aware of any special precautions that may need to be taken. Keeping patients informed is also an important aspect of a hospital’s communications strategy, and their co-operation can help contain a threatened or actual outbreak. Patients isolated for infectious conditions must be aware of what their infection is and how it is going to be treated, how it might affect them, and how to stop it spreading. Some hospitals had published helpful brochures for this purpose. The implementation of multiple, simultaneous, evidence-based...

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