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Unit 5 Essay

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Writing an essay can be easy if you follow certain steps. Many will try to write an essay based on their experience. You should know the topic and do proper research. Once you get an understanding of what and how you plan to write, you should follow four steps. These steps include begin with a point, support the thesis, organize and connect the evidence, and write clear, error free sentences (Bethel University, n.d.).
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Once this is determined, this will take the paper where you want it to go. It will tell the reader exactly what you are writing about and help you keep the essay focused. Step two is to support the main point with details. The writer should research their topic completely and support their thesis. Step three is to organize the details. A writer should make sure their essay flows easily. This includes making sure the sentences make sense, as well as proper wording is used. Step four is to use sentences that are free of mistakes. A writer should always make sure they are using the correct nouns, verbs, tense, etc. They should also make sure that grammar and spelling is checked before submitting the essay. If these steps are followed, the writer should have no problem writing essays.
Writing is the basis behind the MBA program at Bethel University. Once a student has mastered the necessary steps to writing essays, they should feel completely comfortable in this program. Essays should help the reader understand what is being written and why.


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