Unit 401 Planning To Meet The Needs Of Learners In Education And Training

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(a) Analyse your role & use of initial and diagnostic assessment in agreeing individual learning goals with learners (ref. 1.1)

Initial assessment takes place when all learners start a new course.  At this stage it is imperative for the trainer to check that the learner is on the correct course or programme and can be supported during the course or programme with any specific learning needs they have. It is a method of attaining learners’ previous knowledge on the topic / subject being studied.
Diagnostic assessment occurs after initial assessment to identify the learner’s strengths and weaknesses.  It also helps to determine what goals and targets the learner is capable of ...view middle of the document...

Dependant on the subject and topic being studied, the teaching and learning techniques that I plan for my lessons will be relevant for the subject. It will also incorporate a variation of visual, aural, read/write and kinaesthetic learning styles.

For example I could use a range of the following:

* discussion
* online research
* group work
* practical tasks
* question / answer sessions
* quizzes
* role play
* guest speakers

Whichever activities chosen will be realistic and achievable for the learners and by following my schemes of work and lesson plans, I will be confident that they can be delivered and completed within the time allocated.
From experience by differentiating the teaching, learning and assessment approaches I take, will lead to more confident learners who feel included, they will be more motivated to learn and they will able to achieve their learning goals. Whilst it may take me longer to plan and prepare lessons to differentiate effectively, I do find the learners are more engaged and motivated rather than being bored and uninterested.

(c) Explain ways in which teaching and learning plans can be adapted to meet the individual needs of learners (ref. 2.4)

A scheme of work and lesson plans can be adapted to meet the needs of the learners by referring to the initial and diagnostic assessments of the group and evaluating the individual learning styles of the learners. This allows planning for different learners, to use different teaching methods and to evaluate the effectiveness for future lessons. By changing and using new learner activities during the lesson helps to increase levels of concentration.
Good planning and organisation of time during lesson is important, from previous experiences and from my mini teach exercise enforcing time for each task and making sure that it is relayed to the learners help keep the lesson on track. Achieving all the tasks in one lesson will depend on the learners, if they are having difficulty, better explanation may be required or new activities can be used in the next session. Different teaching strategies can be used to provide for different learning styles (visual, aural and kinaesthetic). If a strategy doesn’t work and the learners have not understood the activity during the lesson, it can be evaluated and adapted to include different methods for future lessons. Inclusivity, equality and diversity can be embedded in the lesson plan, further helping to meet the individual needs of the learners.
An example from my experiences as a trainer, during a lesson I adapted the structure to allow the learners to better understand the subject matter, enabling them to relate it to their own personal experiences. During the session I realised the learners where struggling to comprehend my explanation and the task they were completing so they needed further clarity. Therefore I reworded my explanation and showed them videos that explained the topic...

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