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Unit 4 Task Sheet Essay

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Unit 4: Business Communication
Unit code: H/502/5413
QCF Level 3: BTEC National
Credit value: 10
Guided learning hours: 60: 10
Guided learning hours: 60
Aim and purpose
The aim of this unit is to show learners that the collection and management of business information, and the successful communication of that information throughout a business, is critical for the future prosperity of the organisation.

Unit introduction
A business needs accurate and relevant information from internal and external sources in order to operate profitably. Proper collection of data creates an environment where informed decisions can be taken for the benefit of the business. In order to manage ...view middle of the document...



Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes [IE, CT]
Task: investigate a business organisation in order to explain the different types of information that are being used, where this information originates and its purpose.

KEY WORDS 1 Understand different types of business information

Types of information: verbal; written; onscreen; multi-media; web based

Purpose of information: updating knowledge; informing future developments; strategic direction; SWOT analysis; offering competitive insight; communicating sales promotions; inviting support for activities

Sources of information: internal, eg financial, human resources, marketing, purchasing, sales, manufacturing, administration; external, eg government, trade groupings, commercially provided, databases, research; reliability of data sources

Hand in date: Friday 27th September

P2 present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the user’s needs [IE,CT].
Task: present information using three different methods. This could be a verbal presentation combined with a report on the information they obtained. The information could be a financial report from a business which the learner could manipulate into a spreadsheet or chart. Alternative methods could include a web page and a leaflet. Learners can then submit the information, indicating the nature of its intended audience and its likely purpose. The information could be from the business organisation used for P1.

KEY WORDS 2 Be able to present business information effectively

Presentation methods to meet the needs of the user: eg document, use of style, verbal presentations, role plays, onscreen multi-media presentation, use of images, web-based presentation, multi-lingual support

Output requirement: eg resolution of images, page layout, text formatting, use of tables, combining information from a range of applications, use of specialist software and hardware

Presenting corporate communication: methods; mission statements, advertising, packaging, logos, livery, strap lines, endorsements, sponsorship email, questions, write up
Hand in date: Friday 4th October

P3 produce corporate communications [SM]

Task: produce a corporate communication for a business organisation (a message that you’d like all stakeholders to see). This could be an advert for a poster, or a leaflet communicating information about the business or one of its products/ services. The communication could be the information to be incorporated on a product’s packaging or a design for the livery on delivery vehicles.
The same business organisation used for P1 and P2 can be used.
Hand in date: Friday 11th October

P4 evaluate the external corporate communications of an existing product or service [CT, RL]
Task: evaluate existing corporate communications for a product or service.
Hand in date: Friday 25th October

P5 explain the legal and ethical...

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