Unit 4 Exercise 1 Comp 1(En1320 Itt)

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Unit 4 Exercise 1:

1. The basic format for a proposal includes the following steps:
Problem Analysis; major causes, Evidence and Effects of the probem.
Plan for solving the problem: Major steps, Support and Deliverables.
Benefits of the Plan: Costs-benefits analysis
2. Proposals are used in college, in the workplace and anywhere you want to pitch a proposal or new project idea including grant writing.
3. The steps for inventing your proposal’s content are defining the problem, analyzing the problem, researching, inquiring, and finding similar projects.
4. The three primary sources of information for proposal writing are online, print, and ...view middle of the document...

Chapter 12:
1. The format for a report is the summary of abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, conclusions/recommendations, and end material such as references and appendices.
2. Writers can develop their research their research questions and hypothesis by identifying their topics, angles, research question and hypothesis.
3. To create a research plan you should first write down what you know, find your research methods, develop a step-by-step plan, and use a concept map.
4. The organizational pattern in an executive summary or abstract is to list each major section separately.
5. The materials needed in the methods section of a research essay are a how and why for each step.
6. Including a findings and results section in the research paper is the chance to describe what you found.
7. In the conclusion section, writers should include a reinstatement of the main point, two to five recommendations, a reemphasis of the main point and a look to the future.
8. To get assistance with a cite page, writers can go to chapter 27 and 28.
9. To get rid of nominalizations, which is the overuse of a noun instead of a verb , a writer can change the use of certain words into verbs.
10. Choosing an appropriate style means making your report functional, clear and plain. You should separate your finding and results or merge all finding as results. These are two different appropriate styles.
11. Headings are important to the design of a report because they give the reader a clear idea as to what each section is about.
12. Some strategies for revising and editing a report are clarifying the purpose of the report, looking for gaps in the content, finding information that can be removed, reviewing your recommendations and carefully proofreading.
13. I agree with the definitions of sexuality listed on page one in the executive summary of the paper. I have ssen this in my own life with myself and family. In my experience, there are certain things where a man and a women may not be treated equally.

Chapter 18

1. Global revision reexamines and adjusts the documents overall approach, using its genre to sharpen its topic, angle, purpose, thesis, and appropriateness for the readers and content.
2. Substantive editing pays attention to the document’s content, organization and design.
3. Copyediting focuses on revising the style for clarity, persuasion, and consistency, paying close attention to paragraphs and sentences.
4. Proofreading examines and revises surface features, such as grammatical correctness, spelling, and usage.
5. The four levels of revising and editing are global revision, substantive editing, copyediting, and proofreading.
6. Three global issues are pollution, world hunger, and eco stability.
7. When considering content, expectations, values, attitudes, place, medium and social and...

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