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Unit 4 Development Through The Life Stages D1

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For this part of the assignment I am going to be evaluating how nature and nurture may affect the development of an individual over two life stages. I will be looking at the effects of nature, nurture in relation to the Jim twins, development over their childhood and adulthood.
Nature and Nurture Effects on Childhood
Physical Development The Jim twins were identical twins and nature obviously had a big effect on how they looked, both the boys inherited genetics from their parents which determined what they were going too looked ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand both the boys during childhood were not good at spelling, they found it difficult, this could because there biological family struggled with spelling to so they inherited this gene that made them find it difficult to spell.
These facts could also be down to nurture, the twins could have struggled with spelling from the way they were brought up, maybe they didn’t get exposed to learning how to spell, but maybe they were influenced to do more maths, because other members in their adoptive family enjoyed it, or maybe their education was better in the maths aspect than spelling.
Emotional Development Both boys were nail bitters and found it hard to sleep during their childhood, this shows that they could have been experiencing anxiety, stress or nerves, the cause of these emotions could have been inherited from their biological parents, as they could of suffered from anxiety or stress which is more than likely to then be passed on to them from the biological parents DNA.
These emotions could also be down to a nurture affect as they could have been experiencing some things while growing up, which made them feel stressed or bring on anxiety, things such as arguments or change in their adoptive family.
Social Development One of the Jim twins was very good a speech but the other was better at writing, maybe this is because one got a gene from their biological parents which determined that he would be good with speech and their for more sociable, whereas on the other hand the other twin didn’t get that gene, therefore he wasn’t so good in social situations.
This could also be down to nurture as maybe one of the Jim twins was exposed more to social situations, therefore had more experience than the other twin as he may not of been exposed to as many social situations, therefore wasn’t as good with socialising.

Nature and Nurture effects on adulthood
Physical Development
Both twins had high blood pressure, suffered migraines and both thought they experienced heart attacks, these physical medical histories could have been the cause of nature as they both could have inherited the genetics from their parents that made them have high blood pressure, which could of brought on the experience of a heart attack and the migraines, this could be because their biological family have a history of high blood pressure, therefore their...

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