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Unit 301 Hsc Level 3 Essay

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Unit 301: Principles of communication in adult social care settings

Outcome 1


People communicate for a number of reasons. To express needs and preferences, to establish and maintain relationships, to share opinions, knowledge, feelings and emotion. Most of all though communication is used to understand and to be understood.


Relationships in adult social care are affected greatly by communication. Good communication helps to build and maintain trust and understanding with residents, residents family and colleagues. Respecting confidentiality and following codes of best practise help a team strive towards a common goal. Good communication promotes good relationships, ...view middle of the document...

Moving into peoples personal space and touching them can be reassuring and a show of care and support, but you should always check first to avoid making the person feel uncomfortable. Using appropriate communication aids such as, hearing aids, pictures or gestures and sign language to effectively communicate with a person will help to learn the needs of those with sensory loss or deficiency. Respecting cultural values and customs will also help to aid in effective communication by letting that person know that you do not judge them for their views and opinions.


Communication methods include verbal, written, telephone, email, use of interpreters, British Sign Language (BSL) and using pictures. These methods won't be used all of the time, but when a person has a specific language barrier like hearing loss, writing things down can avoid any confusion. Whether you speak formally or informally depends on the context. If someone is looking for a chat and there is already a well established relationship, speaking informally is okay. But when the situation calls for speaking in a more formal way, it will help someone to feel that they are being taken seriously and not being patronised.


It is important to respond to an individual's reactions when communicating because it allows that individual to know that they have been understood and that their feelings or opinions are seen to be valid. By reading body language and asking questions in a non-threatening manner will help people to explain any issues they have. Even if their concern seems trivial you should not be dismissive, that persons concern is real and should be treated as such. Asking open questions will help the person to speak more freely about how they are feeling as opposed to just answering yes or no to a question like 'are you feeling worried?' By not interrupting during their reaction and listening and watching carefully you can tell how someone is feeling about a conversation or topic.

Outcome 3


By using basic observation you will be able to tell if someone uses a different language, if the person experiences any sensory loss, if they have a physical illness or disability and if they have a learning disability. Language barriers will need to be overcome using interpreters although simple sign language can be used for basic tasks. You will be able to learn most of the ways of communicating from the person themselves but by communicating with other health care professionals, reading previous case notes, talking to friends and family and finding out about any particular disability or condition that person may be experiencing, more information can be gathered to aid with effective communication. People from different backgrounds may use colloquial speech or may be from another generation when language used was different. People from different cultures may have trouble being understood or understanding you, in this case short, simple sentences should be...

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