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Unit 3 Branding Methods Essay

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Task 1 (U3 P1)
In the assignment I am going to describe how marketing techniques such as branding, relationship marketing and growth matrix are being used by Kellogg’s and diesel. There are so many different types of methods that are being used in marketing to make your business becoming more successful. The first one is branding, branding is a very important part of marketing because this tells the consumers who owns what and helps them to identify which one they want and which one is better, most of the brands will have certain things which makes them noticeable, it could be anything like Logo, design or the slogan. For example if there is a giant K on the cereals then most of the people ...view middle of the document...

(1980s - 1990s)
 Hey Tony
 Gr-r-reat for growth! (Whole Grain Tiger Power)
 Earn your stripes!
 Never let the tiger catch you!
 Put a tiger on your team!
 Pass it on!
 Scientifically proven better than branflakes and other cereals
 It's Gr-r-reat!
 Super-de-duper!
 A Gr-r-reat Taste
Unlike Kellogg’s diesel produces thousands of different clothes and accessories and they can’t just have one slogan to describe all of their products so they don’t really use slogans. The next marketing technique that’s been used is relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is how businesses such as Kellogg’s and diesel keeping their existing customers either by building long lasting relationships with them and merely trying to attract new customers to organization or trying to make the customers satisfied by meeting their expectations to increases the profitability of the organization. For example Kellogg’s releases new flavour or special K and they see it’s been sold very will then afterwards they might release the same one again however this time they’re going to do it in a bigger box or cheaper so they can keep the existing customers satisfied and making them repeat the process. For diesel it would be the same process for example if diesel releases new shirt in red then the possibility is very high that they will release the same shirt again but in different colour, this way it will keep the existing customers shopping for different colour shirt one of them might be he or she’s favourite colour. This gives the businesses a relationship with their customers. Also this is a kind of market penetration which means it is the same product but has a small difference to the original. The final marketing technique is growth matrix. Growth matrix is a method which created to help businesses growth by using different techniques. One of them is the Ansoffs Matrix. The Ansoffs Matrix has four parts to it which can all help a business grow, keep its customers, get new customers or go in a completely new area.

The output from the Ansoff product/market matrix is a series of suggested growth strategies that set the direction for the business strategy. The first one I am going to discuss is market penetration. Market penetration is using a product which already exists and then putting it into an existing market for example Kellogg’s have used is Coco Pops. They have been out for many years and around about once a year they release a different sort of Coco
Pops, like Coco Pops Moon & Stars. The product is still the same the taste is still the same but the shape of is different. The same goes for diesel they been making clothes and perfumes for years however all their products are different from shapes to style but it’s still the same material or smell this makes the existing customers thing is a new product have come out which makes them shopping there even more also it will attract new customers.
There are four main objectives market penetration...

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