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Unit 205 Outcome 1 Essay

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Outcome 1

Types of Schools

There are many different types of State schools as well as Independent schools. Children normally start primary school around the age of 4 or 5 years old; many areas now run a reception year for four year old`s. Children then usually move on to secondary school at the the age of 11. Most State schools are mixed but some remain single sex schools.

Schools define themselves in different ways, They nearly all follow the National Curriculum and are all regularly inspected by Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education).

Community Schools
Community or maintained schools are run by the local authority. The local authority:
Employs staff
Owns the land ...view middle of the document...

The Governing Body usually contributes towards the cost for building and maintenance

Voluntary - controlled Schools
Voluntary-controlled schools are similar to Voluntary Aided schools, but are run by the Local
Authority. As with Community/ maintained schools, the Local Authority:
Employs the staff
Sets the admissions criteria school land and building are normally owned by a
charity, often a religious organisation, which appoints some of the members of the
governing body.

Independent Schools
There are about 2,300 independent schools in England. These schools can set their own
curriculum and admission criteria. They are funded by fees paid by parents and income
investment. Just over half of all Independent schools have charitable status.

Every Independent school must be registered with The Department for Education. Standards
are regularly monitored by either Ofsted or the Independent schools Inspectorate, ensuring
that the school meets and maintains the standards set out in the registration.

Particular types of State School
Within the State schools system, there are a number of particular types of
schools. As with other State schools, admissions are coordinated by the Local Authority.
However, some may have additional admission criteria or be funded in a different way.

Academies are independently managed, all - ability schools set by sponsors from business,
faith or voluntary groups in partnership with The Department for Education and the Local
Authority. Together they fund the land and the buildings, with the government paying the
running costs

Free Schools
Free Schools are similar to academies. They are all ability, funded by government and not
under LA control. They can be set up by parents and teachers

City Technology Colleges
City Technology Colleges (CTCs) are independently managed, non-fee paying schools in

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