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Unit 2 M1 D1 Essay

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P1- Describe physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social development for each of the life stages of an individual.
In this assignment I will be going through all of the life stages than an individual will go through. These stages are:
• Conception.
• Pregnancy.
• Birth and Infancy 0 – 3 years.
• Childhood 4-9 years.
• Adolescence 10-18 years.
• Adulthood 19-65 years.
• Older Adulthood 65 years +
• Final Stages of Life.
Conception is when the ovary must have released an egg, this is then drawn down the fallopian tube towards the uterus. This usually occurs halfway through the menstrual cycle. In the process of these, the lining of the womb is preparing for the occurrence of a ...view middle of the document...

The next week at 32 days the Arm and hands will have started developing. 4 days later at 36 days the beginning of the spine developing in the womb. In the first 3 months, are the most rapid development to occur for the feotus? This is most crucial part of the developmenting stage during the pregnancy. At 45 days the Embryo’s heart starts to beat faster than the mothers. After 45 days at 51 days the development of the retina, nose and fingers occur.
At 18 weeks, the baby can intellectually start to hear sounds from outside of the womb. These sounds, can be heard, by holding a set of headphones outside of the pregnancy bump.
The feotus continual movement is necessary for their muscular and skeletal growth, during the gestation period of the pregnancy. At about 12 weeks they will be able to identify whether the baby is a boy or a girl, during the scan. By being able to identify as there will see an indifferent penis, as the sex will be yet known from the birth of the pregnancy. During the delivery stage of the pregnancy, the baby will go through the expulsion stage of being ready to come out of the mum’s womb.
If the mother is smoking, drinking or taking drugs, it can be an example of prompting delayed/arrested development. The risks that it can cause to the baby can be quite fatal for the progressive changes that can occur during the first 3 months of pregnancy.
Intellectual development about the pregnancy, learning about the information and the different stages of development that can occur. Another example can be talking with the midwifes, and learning about the different types of illnesses that can occur during the pregnancy, these can be developing pre-clampsia, gestational diabetes, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Emotional Development in a pregnancy can be worrying whether the baby will develop correctly at the right time scale, or develop with facial/body disfigurements. They can also develop from feeling the stress and worry about their baby not be born early or becoming overdue.
Social Development in a pregnancy can be going to ante-natal classes with the father of the baby, and learning about the different techniques of exercise and coping with after birth. Being taught about the caring of the baby after birth, and understanding the different type of sounds that they can pick up.
Birth to Infancy 0- 3 years of age.
In this stage, it’s all about the development stages that the baby will be starting to go through from birth to the ages of three years old.
The physical development that will occur from birth to three years old will be;
After birth at about 4 to 6 weeks, they will try to develop a smile and try to lift their head up a little bit. But they may try and lift their head a little, although they may need the assistance from their parents to be able to try. They may not be able to lift it much as the baby’s neck muscles won’t have fully developed. Once they get to 3-5 months they will try to reach out for objects in...

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