Unit 2 Dhcp And Dns Essay

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Configuring and Maintaining the DHCP and DNS Server Roles
Unit 2

Jovanny Avelino
Client-Server II NT1330
Professor Arthur VIII
Due: 3/21/2016


DHCP is a standard protocol that make TCP/IP network configuration much easier for the administrator by dynamically assigning IP addressing and providing additional configuration information to DHCP clients automatically.
DHCP configuration information can centrally manage all information can stored in one single location. Because DHCP is dynamically host configuration can eliminate the prose of manually configured all client IP address. Other benefit of DHCP is the opportunity of set up the subnet mask, default gateway and the DNS IP address. And give the flexibility of change IP address when is need it.
The DHCP server have different ways to communicate with the client:
* DHCPDISCOVER: is when the client send a broadcast to find a DHCP ...view middle of the document...

The client send a (DHCPDICOVER) broadcast to find the DHCP server.
2. When the client found the server the server end an offer (DHCPOFFER). The message go with the server source, MAC address of the requesting client, and a server identifier.
3. After the client receive an offer for at list one DHCP server, its broadcast a message to all DHCP server with as the source address and as the destination address.
4. Then the DHCP server send a message saying that the offer was accepted as a DHCPACK form.
For computers or printer be able to communicate on the internet, they be must be able to locate one another. A way to do it is through the use of the Domain Name System (DNS). What are DNS those? Is locate all IP address and attach name. Soon the client name is attach to the IP address, that name belong to that particular IP address. The HOST file stored the IP address and the attach name for every computer in the network. Whenever a new host was address the HOST file listed each name with the corresponding IP address.
Before start the process of DNS installation we need to make sure that the Computer run DNS has static IP address because using DHCP is able to make problem in the time the lease get renew. To change the IP address all the DNS setting go with the IP address. Then for DNS installation on Windows Server 2008 you need to go into administrator and locate the server manager and click in add role, click next confirm the installation and click install and close when s done.
DNS required for Active Directory domains and for compatibly with the internet. The zone is a contiguous portion of names spaces for which server each zone can contain more than one domains. The DNS server can host a primary DNS zone is said to eat as primary DNS server. This one store the original source data for zone. Also the secondary DNS server work as a backup of the primary server.
DNS server on a network is designated as a forwarder by having the other DNS servers in the network forward the queries they cannot resolve locally to the DNS server. Conditional forwarding enables DNS to forward queries to other DNS servers based on the DNS domain names in the queries.

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