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Unit 2: Case Incident 1 Essay

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Unit Two: Case Incident 1
Aaron Coffman
Kaplan University
MT302 Organizational Behavior

Unit Two: Case Incident 1
There are certain conditions in a workplace that could make punishment justifiable. Punishment is used on many different levels throughout organizations and can vary depending on the action and reaction of an employee’s mistake.
Some conditions that are justifiable for punishment can include poor performance, consistently being late for work, not meeting deadlines, all the way to unethical behavior in the workplace such as sexual harassment and stealing. With these conditions come different levels of punishment. For being late for work a proper punishment ...view middle of the document...

Punishment that usually has a negative impact would be the use of unfair punishment. Punishment can backfire to employees who don’t expect to be punished and take responsibility for their misconduct. Sometimes the punishment does not match the seriousness of the misconduct or the subordinate is expected to receive similar punishment that which others have received.
Positive reinforcement by itself may not be enough for a subordinate to succeed. Punishment is sometimes needed for situations similar for the subordinate to react the way you want them to. “I think the only downside of positive reinforcement is that it may cause some employees who are really trying their hardest but still cannot seem to grasp it right feel left out and belittled” (, 2008).
I have had my own personal experience with punishment from a boss at a hotel I used to work at. At a hotel there are usually only three customer service shifts and usually only one person would man each one with the boss present at the morning and mid-day shifts. Punishment would usually be losing hours and possibly looking for replacements if not straightening up and direct punishment as getting...

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