Unit 107 Make And Receive Phone Calls

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1. Describe the different features of a telephone system and how to use them.

- Firstly to log on to your phone you use the blue super key before typing in your extension number before pressing accept. To log off again press super key and then yes key.
- To make outgoing calls you need to press the 9 key before dialling the actual number.
- To receive calls on your phone you will need to be logged in and you should be on auto answer and headset, when this is the case the phone will ring once before going live to the person on the other end of the phone.
- There is a hold button for when you need to place a caller ...view middle of the document...

Identifying the callers purpose means you will be able to greet the customer in the correct way and also make sure you have the correct information available.

You can easily identify callers’ purpose for calling into the business by using the call codes that appear on the phone screen when the call comes through, in our business it is either revenues or benefits. If you handle yourself professionally and concisely this can mean you can all information you need in the single call and there would be no need to waste our own or our callers time by needing to call back.

3. Describe different ways of obtaining the names and numbers of people that need to be contacted.

If the name and number your searching for is within the company I would use the switchboard or one of my contacts sheets (which have useful names and numbers of people within the company). If the name or number is outside of the company I would use an internet search engine such as Google. If all else failed I would use a telephone directory such as the yellow pages.

4. Describe how to use a telephone system to make contact with people inside and outside an organisation.

When contacting someone within the company just dial there extension number, keeping in mind that if you call this extension number from an outside line it wouldn’t connect you as this is just a local internal phone system. When calling someone outside of the office you first need to enter the 9 key before dialling the actual number.

5. Explain the purpose of giving a positive image of your self and the organisation.

Giving a positive image of yourself and the company you work for is important both in and out of work. Especially within work where it could lead to progression within the job role for yourself as well as making the company look like they providing a great service. Positive images of yourself and organisation will keep relationships professional and composed this could lead to more clients and just as importantly keeping old clients happy.

1.6 Explain the purpose of summarising the outcomes of a telephone conversation before ending the call.

The purpose of this is to ensure the customer gets off the phone fully understanding what’s going on and if that’s not the case it gives them a chance to ask any questions. If the customer gets off the phone fully understanding this reduces further confusion and more importantly keeps customer happy. I end every call by summarising the call and if the customer agrees I know we both understand and the call can be ended.

7. Describe how to identify problems and who to refer them to.

If the problem is that there a difficult customer on the phone we are trained to politely ask to customer to wait whilst we get a supervisor over, put our help card up and once supervisor is there, the customer would be put on hold whilst supervisor advises us the best course of action. We would then put customer back on the line and apologize for making them hold before advising...

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