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Ayoub Elmahi
NT1110 Research Paper
IDentity Theft
Ms. Janine Aleong
Thursdays 9AM

Research Project: IDentity Theft History
Much before the internet technology had gained popularity, identity theft was common in form of dumpster diving and going through your trash in case you have thrown away any personal identifying information such as bills or documents. But before that, identity theft was known as a white collar crime and it was pretty dangerous.
This means that if the id thieves wanted to steal your identity they would just kill you for it and just assume you identity and walk away. Back in those days the thieves also used phone scams to gather information about you. ...view middle of the document...

The quick growth of id theft
History of identity theft had suddenly taken a sharp turn at about the time free exchange of personal and financial information become common by the use of computer and electronic devices. Identity theft is today considered to be one of the fastest growing crimes throughout the world. This rapid growth is mainly because of multiple ways people live their lives and process information.
Although this new technology made it easier for people to communicate with each other, secure credit and make purchases globally, it has pretty much made it really easier for your personal information to fall into the hands of identity thieves through online pirating systems which made people release the need to protect privacy against these harsh systems.
How governments responded
It took the government organizations a while to catch the potential dangers related to identity theft. Although these organizations were slow in reacting during the past, the course which the history of identity theft has taken is today recognized as ID fraud which is a crime which cannot be overlooked.
There was a law passed out during 1998 in the United States called the Identity Theft and Assumption Act and this legislation offers all the federal agencies like the FBI, US Secret Services, FTC and the US Postal Inspection Services the power to investigate any suspected ID fraud or crime cases. This act had laid the foundation for several more legislations to follow the law.

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