Unit 1 Research Paper

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Michael Malate
June 23, 2013
Unit 1 Research Assignment 1: Exploring Programming Languages

From the looks of it there seems to be 14 different revisions of the SQL standard.
* SQL Server version 1.0: SQL Server version 1.0 is a 16 bit server modeled in the year 1989 for supporting OS/2.
* SQL Server version 1.1: SQL Server version 1.1 is also a 16 bit server designed in the year 1991 to support OS/2.
* SQL Server version 4.2: SQL Server version 4.2 was released in the year 1992. SQL 4.2 is bundled with IBM OS/2 1.3 version.
* SQL Server version 4.21: In the year 1993, Microsoft server 4.21 came into existence. SQL 4.21 was the first version of SQL Server that ...view middle of the document...

* SQL Server version 2008 or SQL Server version 10.0 version: SQL Server version 2008 was released on August 6, 2008. SQL Server version 2008 or SQL Server version 10.0 included full text search functionality, new file stream data type, two different storages for spatial data and many others.
* SQL 10.25: SQL Azure or SQL 10.25 was introduced in the year 2010.
* SQL Server version 2008 R2: A feature for master data management was included in SQL Server version 10.5 or SQL Server version 2008 R2.  
* SQL Server version 11: SQL Server version 11, code named Denali CTP1 was released on 8thNovember 2010. SQL Server version 11 is enhanced with vertipaq column oriented DB technology. 
* SQL Server 2012


The new SQL Server 2012 features include the following:

Version Components and Numbering:

The following concepts are useful in understanding the behavior of SQL Server for side-by-side instances of SQL Server.
The standard product version format for SQL Server is MM.nn.bbbb.rr where each segment is defined as:
MM - Major version
nn - Minor version
bbbb - Build number
rr - Build revision number
In each major or minor release of SQL Server, there is an increment to the version number to differentiate it from earlier versions. This change to the version is used for many purposes. This includes displaying version information in the user interface, controlling how files are replaced during upgrade, applying service packs, and also as a mechanism for functional differentiation between the successive versions.
Components shared by all versions of SQL Server
Certain components are shared by all instances of all installed versions of SQL Server. When you install different versions of SQL Server side-by-side on the same machine, these components are automatically upgraded to the latest version. Such components are usually uninstalled automatically when the last instance of SQL Server is uninstalled.
Examples: SQL Server Browser and Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer.
Components shared across all instances of the same major version of SQL Server
SQL Server versions that have the same major version share some components across all instances. If the shared components are selected during upgrade, the existing components are upgraded to the latest version.
Examples: Integration Services, Master Data Services, SQL Server Management Studio, SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), and SQL Server Books Online.
Components shared across minor versions
SQL Server versions that have the same major.minor version shared components.
Example: Setup support files.
Components specific to an instance of SQL Server
Some SQL Server components or services are specific to an instance of SQL Server. These are also known as instance-aware. They share the same version as the instance that hosts them, and are used exclusively for that instance.
Examples: Database Engine,...

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