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Unit 1 Ip Essay

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Criminal Justice System
Idellar Camel
Criminal Justice Unit 1 IP
September 1, 2013

Unfortunately everyone doesn’t abide by the laws that are set and rules that are made. Therefore, a mean of protecting the innocent and punishing the violators must be established to carry out the process. The structure of processes would be the Criminal Justice System. It is composed of several different components that work on different levels of duty. This paper would describe the different parts of this much needed system such as law enforcement, attorneys of prosecution duties, defense advocates or counsels, Magistrates or judges on three different levels of government, federal, state, ...view middle of the document...

They watch for illegal drug activity transportations (Harkins, 2013).
On the local level, county sheriff, city police, school patrol, housing authority police, hospital police, airport monitor, transit patrol, etc. Their role is to protect and serve the citizen of the county, city, and/or community. They monitor the areas, perform arrests when laws are violated, and uphold the law. They spend numerous hours patrolling areas and monitoring any activities in their areas that could be harmful to the people (, 2008).
On both state and local levels, the police, in whatever title of duty, must always enforce the laws, investigate any possible crime, increase the safety of the community, keep the order in public places, and catch and arrest any offenders of the law. They have a very dangerous job but must protect individual’s freedom and his/her rights. It possible, they strive to lessen possible criminal activities or prevent crimes altogether (Schmalleger, 2012).
Attorneys: Prosecutors
Attorneys that prosecute, act against, indict, or put on trial possible lawbreakers are certified lawyers who speak against or is the opposing voice in criminal cases involving a person or group of people accused of unlawful or illegal acts in each level of government, federal, local, or state. They have to study their cases well and investigate any materials and /or witness, anything related to the case thoroughly before they bring it to court. Their job serves the public by successfully presenting cases with truthful evidence to make sure a criminal doesn’t go free due to poor prosecution. They protect the public by making sure the criminals are justly penalized for their wrong. They also help determine the reimbursement or help obtain a resolution of the defendants reward (, 2013).
On the federal level, which extends throughout the entire United States, some of the horrific crimes that federal prosecutors may encounter are “drug trafficking wrongdoings, crimes against federal officials, organized crime, fraud against the country, USA, financial crimes, fraud of magnitude, customs wrongdoings, federal taxes issues, treason, and espionage.“ Prosecution process and investigation responsibilities fall under the executive branch of government. No authority is given to a federal prosecutor to issue a subpoena ordering someone to appear in court and testify or give up any evidence on a case. The judge has that right to issues subpoenas. Also, the prosecutor can use his/her “right to decline” to bring to court an offense if he/she feels that there is not enough evidence or cause to warrant a...

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