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Unit 1 Exercise 1 Ip Addressing Scenario

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NT1330 Client Server Networking II |
Unit 1 Exercise 1 IP Addressing Scenario |
Joel Vargas, Julia Duque, Jonathan Beckman, Marwan Sayyah |
Due Date 06/25/2016 |


Exercise 1. IP Addressing Scenario
When designing I would use one floor with a single server rack, IDF box, or some type of data closet. I would start by creating a list of equipment and software that’s needed. A core network, networks for your firewall, server network, voice network, wireless network. Also networks for other services you have not yet identified, like security, cameras, fire, door and video. 
In the case of the how the IP addressed would be assigned I would consider choosing statically. Why ...view middle of the document...

I would think that you should use multiple network or subnets just in case you want to expand the size of your IP addresses. Also you should take this into consideration. If you keep everything at its minimum size or space then that’s all you have to work with. If you make sure that you have extra space, host or whatever it is that you need then you will be able to expand your idea and design. 
Most systems we use today work real well with DHCP so it shouldn’t be a problem, although some system will need hosts files. I think the first thing you need to take into consideration is the number of hosts. My design would look something like this: I could use the address space using /21 ( - my subnet mask on the devices will be I would reserve the first and last 20 or so addresses in each DHCP for statically assigned addresses and network devices / gateway addresses. for servers-all static for pc's printers- operational for DHCP 192.681.1.21 - for wireless - functional for DHCP for VoIP - working for DHCP - - for future usage . We should have multiple domain servers and DHCP servers. Firewall should always be used even though most computers with windows 7 come with its own type of protection. Firewalls are very important because they block any outside intrusion whether it is malware or foreign viruses. There are a vast variety of security that can be implanted to assure that the servers can’t be infiltrate by intruders, like finger print recognition, password expiration and a complex password, combined with special characters, and capital letters.

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