Unit 1 – Developing Effective Communication In Health And Social Care P1, P2, M1

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UNIT 1 – Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care
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Understand Effective Communication and Interpersonal Interaction In Health and Social Care (P1,P2,M1)


What is communication?
Communication simply means when information is transferred from one person/place to another person/place. Communication plays a crucial role in all workplaces therefore having good communication skills benefits and helps service users and colleagues.

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After the pharmacist gave him the named medication, the customer then feels the braille on the medication label to make sure that it is the right one the doctor prescribed for him. |
British Sign Language (BSL) | Sign language is a visual means of communicating using gestures, facial expression and body language. It is mainly used by the deaf or people who have hearing impairments. BSL is Britain’s most common used Sign Language. | In a primary school, a teacher’s assistant is communicating with a child who has a hearing impairment. She uses her fingers to show that there are 7 balls in a bag and the child nods as sign of understanding. The assistant then takes out two balls and the child then shows 5 fingers since there are now 5 balls left in the bag. |
Communication Passport | Communication passports are personalized books containing information about a person’s style of communication. It helps the health & care worker to understand the needs of a person with communication difficulties. | In an activity center, a young woman with communication difficulties is working with a care worker to set up her own communication passport. She uses drawings and photos of the things she likes and dislikes. The care worker now has a better understanding about her life, personality and her stories. |
Communication Cycle | This is the most important communication which involves people sending and receiving ‘messages’. This cycle starts with an idea occurring from one person and ends with the message understood by another person | In a care home, an elderly woman wants her lunch and asks the staff on what is available on the menu. The staff worker names the resident what’s on the menu loudly, slowly and carefully so she fully understands and won’t need to ask the worker to repeat herself as she has received, decoded and understood the message. |
Eye Contact | It is the state in which two are aware of directly looking at each other’s eyes. It shows a sign of respect whilst you are communicating with another individual. | In a nursing home, an old deaf man needs medical attention from the nurse. To make the resident feel appreciated, respected and valued, the nurse makes eye contact and smiles to him whilst assisting his medical needs. |
Facial Expression | What we as humans do with our faces that represent a different kind of emotions. For example smiling means we are happy, raised eyebrows means we are shocked or surprised etc. | In a GP, the doctor smiles at the next patient who enters the room. He kindly tells the patient to take a seat and asks what the patient how he could help her. This makes the patient feel comfortable and more willing to share her problem with the doctor. She then may make a sad face when she’s explaining her problems so the doctor tries to reassure her and make her less worried. |
Formal Communication | This type of communication is usually between people who...

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